Inspired by this article on Cosmo (“12 Unexpected Things Men Find Sexy”), we here at No Strings Dating decided to put together a list of 10 unexpected things women find sexy in men. Some of you guys may be surprised by what you read, while some of the ladies may nod in agreement (or be surprised as well, who knows!). Thus, presented to you without further comment, here are 10 unexpected things women find sexy in men.

10. Hands.

I don’t think any ladies will be surprised by this one. There is just something so sexy about a dude’s hands — especially if he plays guitar or piano, because then he’s got those long, slender fingers. I don’t know how to explain why guys’ hands are so sexy. They just are.

9. A sense of humor.

Also probably not a huge surprise on this list, but a guy having a terrific sense of humor makes everything so much hotter.

8. The way they take off a t-shirt.

Does this one seem strangely specific? It’s something I’ve noticed that I find very sexy — the way men take off t-shirts. They don’t take off t-shirts the same way women do — they attack their shirt, pulling it off from behind them with both hands. It’s a little thing and probably sounds weird to explain as “sexy”, but somehow, it is.

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7. Cooking skills.

If a man can cook, it’s a one stop ride to sexytown via the sexy express. Guys, learn how to cook. Anything. Start with pasta or an omelette. I promise you it will pay off.

6. Socks.

Not just any socks, but cute socks (I’m not talking about your sweat-stained, tattered, once-was-white socks). My friend came up with this one, and I wholeheartedly agree — if a man is wearing cute socks, that’s very sexy. I mean like an argyle printed sock, or an unexpected color. It shows he took the time to put some thought into a very minor detail, and something about that is very sexy. It’s like a little surprise.

5. Scruff.

You don’t always need to be clean shaven, guys. Sometimes that little 2 day growth is hot as hell. We don’t even mind the scratchy factor. It just looks so good.

4. Crying.

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I don’t mean full on bawling and over something like your sports team losing; I mean crying a little bit over a touching moment in our favorite TV show, or when you’ve just had a really long, awful day and aren’t afraid to shed a few tears in our presence.

3. Their relationship with their mom and/or sisters.

Seeing a guy having a great relationship with the other women in his life is a definite turn on. I guess it shows us that he knows how to treat women in general. The better the relationship, the more the turn on, so don’t forget to call your mom on mother’s day, dudes.

2. Scars.

This was an admission from a friend. I’m not gonna disagree with her. Harrison Ford’s chin scar is legendary for its sexiness. (Fun fact!) To quote my friend, “Scars are like battle wounds. They show the guy isn’t perfect, but it’s one of those things that makes them more endearing.”

1. Having a nerdy passion.

Yes, guys, ladies like dudes who have nerdy passions. We like seeing you have a hobby, and the nerdier, the better. Some of us are even down if you want to dress like Han Solo at our wedding (again, it’s the Harrison Ford thing). Some of us secretly think your fantasy football league is adorable. Some of us like it that you can quote every line from Twin Peaks. Because we’ve got our own nerdy stuff, and when you’re comfortable enough to let your nerd flag fly, it shows us that you trust us and aren’t afraid to truly be yourself. That’s called being confident, and it’s very sexy.

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What did I leave out? Share yours!

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