One of the great pleasures in life is having sex – especially if it’s good sex. Little Hussy has provided this great guide to explain the health benefits of sexual activity, and how it positively effects our bodies.


The Affects Sexual Deprivation Has On Our Bodies & Minds

  • Weaker immune system
  • Increased risk of breast cancer in females
  • Lower mortality rate in males
  • Less attractive
  • Increased risk of heart disease in males

Yikes. As if we need any more reasons to get more action between the sheets.

While sexual deprivation can be extremely frustrating, I can think of one big positive: it can lead to major self-improvement. Many men and women who experience sex droughts are forced to look within themselves and ask: why am I not getting any? That question typically spurs them towards self-improvement to try to get more sex. Many people have lost weight, gotten in shape, and worked on their personality in response to a lack of sex. They made themselves better and more attractive so they could have more success in dating and getting into a sexual relationship. The urge to have sex was so strong that it motivated them to make major life changes they might otherwise never have made.

Jonathan Bennett,

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Suprising Sex Facts

  • Sex burns 5 calories per minute
  • Having sex weekly lessens menopausal hot flushes
  • Prostate cancer chances are lessened the more men ejaculate
  • Sex strengthens your pelvic floor, meaning less chances of erectile dysfunction
  • Sex contributes to a higher immune system
  • Heart disease chances are lessened the more sex you have
  • Migraine pain is lessened with frequent sexual activity

Basically, having sex on the regular is a great thing! Get sex tonight.

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