When you break up with someone, you have two options. One: Cry, watch depressing movies, stop showering and wallow in despair (wow, how fun) or two: Get under someone else. Or on top, of course. Yep, I’m talking about rebound sex. Sometimes you need an hour of intense passion with someone else to waken you up, to snap you out of your sadness, and to remind you just how hot and desirable you are, no matter what happened in your previous relationship. Here’s how to have the best rebound sex of your life.

1. Make sure you’re emotionally stable. It’s totally normal to be sad about a breakup, but if you’re still in the beginning stages of grieving for the relationship, it’s probably best to wait until you stop crying before you go try to hook up with someone. You don’t want to be making out with someone and then burst into tears, do you? Give yourself time to get yourself together before you go looking for any action.

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2. Keep it fun. At this point, you’re probably not ready for or looking for a deep intimate connection. This is all about hot, raw sex. Do things that you may not have felt comfortable doing with your ex, or choose a location that makes you feel sexy-a sleek hotel, or in a pool. Rebound sex is best when it isn’t trying to be long term relationship sex.

3. Don’t compare. When you’re fresh out of a break-up, everything reminds you of your ex and it’s easy to compare your current partner to them. You know-“His arms aren’t as muscular, she’s not as good of a kisser, her body isn’t as banging, or his penis isn’t as big…” It’s a dangerous trap. It’s all about enjoying the person you’re with and the best way to do that is to be present in the moment. So what if his arms aren’t as muscular? Focus on how he makes you feel, and that he’s there, right now, and his goal is to please you. That thought alone should make you forget your ex with no problem!

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