(Fashion Designer Calvin Klein with former boy toy Nick Gruber)

After a turbulent history that included being the capital city of Nazi Germany, as well as the best part of three decades as a city sliced in two courtesy of the Berlin Wall, modern Berlin has evolved into a rather easygoing place. Nowhere is this more evident than in the district of Schöneberg, particularly on the corner of Eisenacher and Fugger Streets. Here you’ll find a few delightfully seedy bars with names such as Blue Boy and Pinocchio, names that conjure up images of the freshness of youth and um… boy puppets. By all means, venture in for a beer but be warned that these bars attract men looking for a certain something. This writer naively wandered in one evening and was immediately struck by the clientele – a mixture of well groomed young men and older men whose youth and being able to get to their cock without lifting their belly was long behind them. I hadn’t even managed to take a sip of my beer before one of the older men approached me and muttered something in German. I smiled confusedly and replied, “Sorry – I don’t speak German.” He nodded to himself and said, “Oh… you’re a tourist. I thought you were working. I was asking how much you charge for a fuck.” I would like to report that I  cooly stared at him and said, “More than you can afford,” but no… I giggled and got the hell out of there.

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Sometimes when a younger man gets with an older man money changes hands, and that’s fine, although of course there are a number of men in their late teens and 20’s who enjoy the company of men in their 40’s and beyond. Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about, so what can a younger man realistically expect to happen if he hooks up with, or even begins dating an older guy?

There’s a Difference in History

Remember that this guy was a fully formed adult by the time you popped out of your mother, and while you might have an ex boyfriend or two, your older friend is likely to have several (not to mention all the one night stands). Hey – depending on his previous preferences he might even have an ex wife and children, who are likely to be closer to your age than he is. Does this freak you out? If not, then keep reading.

He’s Lived More Than You Have

Your cultural references will probably be a bit mismatched, so sometimes you might not know what the hell he’s talking about and vice versa. If he begins every second sentence with “When I was your age…” it can become very old, very quickly (just like him!). It’s also important to remember that the idea of fun changes as a person gets older, and so for him an action packed Saturday night can involve binge watching Mad Men instead of going to an electro bar, taking some happy pills and getting your dick played with in a toilet cubicle. But that’s what open relationships are for!

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He Has More Money Than You

We’re not suggesting that you actually charge him for the pleasure of your company and body, but older men are generally more financially stable than their younger counterparts, who often add up the number of hours worked in a week and convert it to how many drinks they can afford on Saturday. If you want to hang out with an older guy, he might well be grateful to the point that you won’t have to reach for your wallet all night.

He Might Have a Fetish

Wanting to have sex with someone younger than you is hardly a shocking thing (so long as it’s all legal), but some older guys take it to a whole new level. There’s a huge amount of online porn dedicated to Daddy/Boy videos where the younger man actually calls the older man daddy. This could be kind of weird if it happens in real life, since you probably don’t want to be reminded of your father while you’re on the brink of an orgasm. If he shouts “Come to Daddy” (or indeed, “Cum on Daddy”) during sex, it should probably be a deal-breaker.

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Not all older men are created equal, and some of them have rocking bods and a cool attitude that makes you forget the decades between you. Of course, some of them are creepy and desperate and can be found in Blue Boy bars across the globe. It’s up to you if you want to sample an older delight, but it can be an interesting experience. A piece of fruit might be past its prime period of ripeness, which gives it a different texture…  but it also means it can be extra sweet.

(Image via New York Daily News)