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5 Great Places To Find Casual Sex in London

The Great British Capital, London, is a fantastic and vibrant city with loads going on. But where should you go if you’re looking to hook-up? We’ve got the low-down on the casual dating scene in London. Just call us your personal wing-man or wing-woman. Here are 5 of the best places to find casual sex in London.


Elk Bar

Elk Bar located in West London is Fulham’s funkiest local bar.Thursday night is 2-4-1 mojito night and a healthy mix of lovely looking 20-30s crowd comes out to play. Guaranteed dancing and fun with the possibility of more (depending on your skills on the dance floor!). Elk Bar is a great place to meet singles dressed to their finest, looking sharp and sexy.



A popular Clapham night spot and toted as “London’s Greatest Disco”, if you unable to find someone to hook up with at Infernos, you might as well give up. Everyone who enters this club sober exits several hours later happily boozy and a new “friend” attached to their face or arm. Fun, retro tunes and cheap drink deals definitely help the cause.To increase your chances, show up on Saturday night when it’s busiest. (image credit:


Tiger Tiger

This hot nightspot located in Picadilly Circus has 5 bars, 3 dance-floors, and truckloads of opportunity to meet people. Sexy men and women come from all over London and outside of it just to enjoy a night out here. Which means, you’re likely going to be successful on your quest for some sexy fun.(photo credit via



Many believe that the name for this east London club – XOYO – is actually just an acronym. XY refers to the male chromosome make-up and OO being an abbreviated version of oh-oh so hot. Known for it’s cutting edge music and gorgeous clientele, this is a great place for people watching or picking someone up for the night.



It’s impossible not to mention this superclub located underneath the Charing Cross subway station that appeals to predominantly (but not exclusively) gay clientele. A fun, up-for-it, young crowd, with plenty of drinks offers, a plethora of rooms and camp, 80s and 90s music to dance to. This is great place to pull – especially on Fridays when it’s “Gay Camp” night. (photo credit via

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