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Albany Dogging, Public Voyeuristic Fun

Dogging is the new word in the sexual dictionary that has recently gained huge popularity. The origination of the word starts in Britain and date backs to the early seventies. Originally the term meant following couples and watching them enjoy intimate moments. But with the passing of time the word has changed from its original meaning and has gained new meaning. These days, dogging is used to describe a group activity of having sex or getting involved in similar activities in public or semi-public places. Doggers prefer places that are just outside the city where there is less public intervention. These places are usually car parks, quiet lanes and lay bys that tend to be in secluded parts of the city. Dogging sessions are generally preplanned with information being passed to interested people when online at NoStringsDating.

The idea of dogging gradually spread from England to other different parts of the world. With time this craze of dogging became popular in countries like Canada, United States, Ireland, Netherlands and Australia. Dogging in Albany gives locals an exciting source of voyeuristic fun and exhibition. There are various reasons which contribute to the success of dogging in Albany. One of the main reasons is that, the doggers here know how and where to meet and enjoy the maximum fun from this voyeuristic activity.

Dogging sites in Albany are widely scattered through various locations of the city, where groups accumulate for casual evenings in small and large groups. Usually the group of doggers use NoStringsDating to stay connected and inform each other about various dogging sites in Albany. To make dogging in Albany more convenient and easy the doggers use text messaging to stay connected with each other.