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Dogging in Melbourne

The location of Melbourne is very nice. It is situated on the big natural bay named Port Phillip and the city is at the estuary of the Yarra River. At the point in time of the Victorian gold rush, the Melbourne city has been transformed into one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world.

Victoria is such a nice place and within that region there are so many places present which are great for dogging in Melbourne. Dogging is basically a British euphemism for people have sex in unrestricted or semi-public areas or watching others dogging. There can be two or more people involved in Melbourne dogging. Thus couples enjoy sex and often gang banging and group sex can be incorporated at the dogging sites in Melbourne. Onlookers are encouraged in these places. As a result, exhibitionism and voyeurism are closely associated with dogging. The two groups of people involved in dogging in Melbourne often meet either arbitrarily or (more and more) assemble to meet in advance using NoStringsDating.

Dogging in this city is mainly happening in car parks and typically on calm and quite countryside roads where dogging Melbourne action usually taking place after sunset. Doggers of Melbourne would flash their car lights to inform other doggers that they’re invited to join their Melbourne dogging experience.

Want to visit such places for real dogging? The top dogging sites in Melbourne are as follows: Croydon Sports Centre, Barwon River, Ballam Park, Retading Basin Car Park/woods, West Gate, Mt. Taylor, and Stintons Reserve. Other dogging sites Melbourne include Mitre 10 Mega, Tooborac / Seymour, Tunstall Square, Cheong Park, and Fairfield Park, Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Ballarat, Stud Park Shopping Centre Car Park and many others.