No matter how good you are between the sheets (or on top of them, or somewhere else…), every man and woman can learn how to pleasure their partner(s) more! We have created one of the best sex advice for men guides you will find, have a read and try some of these out:

10 Mistakes Guys Make While Having Sex

sex advice for men

1. Rushing a woman towards orgasm

It’s great that you want your partner to have an orgasm however, asking her every 5 seconds: “Are you close?” or “Have you come yet?” is so not sexy and is a huge turn-off. For a lot of women it takes a while to build up to an orgasm. Constantly asking for a progress report isn’t going to speed up the process. Likely, it might even turn her off enough that an orgasm becomes a no-go.

2. Not waiting for her to orgasm

Rushing to the finish line and forgetting about your partner’s needs is totally not cool. Slow down, tune into your partner and work on pleasing each other. Remember, sex is a duet not a solo number.

3. Being close minded and unwilling to try new things

I once was in bed with a guy and when I tried to get him to change positions he said I was “making things too complicated” – it was a massive turn-off. No one should ever push you into doing things you don’t want to do (or vice versa) however, approaching sex with an open-mind is definitely a good thing. Sex should be a fun, playful, adventure so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

4. Skipping foreplay

When I think of foreplay, I think of it as the delicious appetizer that’s a prelude to the main meal. It’s the time where both of you can get really turned on and excited for what’s to come (no pun intended) In other words, foreplay can only make sex more awesome so stop trying to skip it.

5. Skipping after-play

There’s nothing worse than a guy who literally jumps out of bed and heads to the shower right after they ejaculate. Stick around for awhile – cuddle, kiss, talk, play. If the chemistry is there often after-play can turn into foreplay for round #2.

6. Refusing to wear a condom

This is probably my turn-off. The way I see it, if you refuse to wear condoms you’re a) a giant idiot b) don’t deserve to be in my bed. No glove, no love baby.

7. Rougher is better

Although some women definitely like it rougher, don’t assume this about your partner. Find out what’s she’s into and use some finesse. Even if she does enjoy it rough, there’s nothing sexy about pounding her like an out of control rabid jack-rabbit. Trust me on this one.

8. Making too much noise

It’s good to communicate in bed and experiment with some dirty talk, however shouting out stuff like “DO YOU LIKE THAT?! HUH? HUH? I KNOW YOU LIKE THAT!” and “SCORE! TOUCH DOWN!” isn’t going to get you any sexy points. Making a woman feel like she’s a sports game to be won will immediately turn her off. Same goes for not making any noise at all – that’s just creepy.

9. Thinking all women like the same things

Sure, your ex really liked that one “move” you do in bed however, it’s possible to next woman you’re with will think it feels like she’s being probed by aliens. Think of each new partner as unchartered territory ready to be explored and discovered. Don’t assume anything and whatever you do – don’t tell her “But my ex loved when I did that!” – unless of course you’re looking to get kicked out of bed.

10. Trying to re-inact a porno movie

Unless you’re actually role playing and trying to re-enact a scene from a porno that you both like (if that’s the case, carry on!) modelling your lovemaking after porn is not a good idea. Porn is designed to be a superficial fantasy. Real sex isn’t like porn. Although some of the stuff they show on screen might turn a woman on, it’s likely a lot of it won’t. Ask her what’s she’s into before you decide to become a one man Boogie-Nights.

10 Things Women Want In Bed

I’ve heard so many of my guy friends complain about how difficult women are to please, especially in bed. Gentlemen, I beg to differ! With a little attention to detail and an eager to please attitude, any guy can give any woman exactly what she wants in bed. Just in case you aren’t sure where to start, here are 10 things all women want in bed.

1. To Be Respected

Some guys have a one track mind when the prospect of sex with a hot girl is on the horizon. They paw at her, grab her, and even if they don’t mean to, it can come off a bit disrespectful. While her body might be the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, she’s still a human being with a heart and a brain, so don’t forget to pay close attention to those as well.

2. To Be Heard

When a woman tells you what she likes-whether it be with her words or her sounds, pay attention and act accordingly.

3. To Feel Beautiful

Getting naked and sweaty in front of a guy for the first time is stressful for a lot of women. Compliments go a long way here, guys. Tell her exactly what about her body turns you on so much.

4. A Hygienic Partner

Sometimes I can’t even believe that we have to mention this, but after hearing one too many stories of stinky guys expecting to get laid, it’s worth noting. Women aren’t expecting anything fancy. A simple shower, shave and deodorant will do the trick. Would you want to roll around naked in bed with someone who hadn’t bathed in two days? Exactly!

5. A Giver

Always obey the golden rule of sex-Give more than you receive! When you’re in the heat of the moment it can take all of your strength to not keep doing only what makes you feel good. It’s worth it to put your partner first though, because when a woman feels sexually satisfied she’ll do anything to return the favor, tenfold. Yes, anything. Plus, she won’t leave and go tell her friends what a selfish jerk you are, so that’s always a good thing.

6. To Feel Special

This is the lines of feeling beautiful, but I promise we aren’t as needy as it sounds. The woman you’re with knows she isn’t the first sexual partner you’ve had and probably won’t be the last. This doesn’t mean that she wants to be compared to your ex or the last girl who saw your “O” face. She wants to feel like she’s the only woman on your mind…at least for now.

7. A Damn Cuddle

I know, I know…casual dating and all that. But cuddling does not mean you’re in love and proposing marriage. I just think that most women would prefer you gave her a hug before you rolled over and went to sleep. Or ate a sandwich.

8. Space

I know what you’re thinking…I just told you to cuddle and now I’m saying back-off. Some guys tend to get surprisingly attached after sex with a girl they really like. If a woman sleeps with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants a serious relationship. It’s important to discuss your feelings up front before doing the deed to make sure you’re on the same page.

9. Directions

Women are just as eager to please their partner as guy’s are but she might need some direction! Don’t be shy with your encouragement…and gratitude, of course.

10. Foreplay

It typically takes women longer to orgasm than it does most men. Foreplay should be your number one party trick. Don’t rush into the main event…the longer you take warming her up and turning her on, the better the sex will be. When you get to it, of course.

Avoiding the “Not Tonight” from Your Partner

Why won’t your wife (girlfriend) have sex with you?

There are two basic reasons that apply to over 95% of men who have this difficulty.

Sex Advice for Men

Reason 1 – You don’t act like a man.

What do I mean by “you don’t act like a man”?  I mean your woman, the one you want to be sexually attracted to you, sees your behavior and your attitudes and thinks you are too wimpy, too neurotic, too careful, not assertive enough, too much of a whiner, not protective of her, don’t take the lead enough, too often anxious and indecisive, boring, run away from conflict, too passive, lack passion, lack self-respect, too much of a nice guy when you need to be tough, avoid dealing with difficult people and situations, and don’t take risks.

Notice, I did not say you don’t make enough money or are not is great shape.  These may be a factor in extreme circumstances but they are not in the top 20 reasons why you don’t get what you want from her.

Be a Real Man

Yes, we are in an age that encourages men to be more sensitive and vulnerable and feeling aware. Those qualities may make her like or even love you but they will not make her feel like jumping your bones.  Your woman wants a man, a real man, and not a wimp (see all qualities above).  I know this is hard to hear but you want more sex right?  If you want her to get excited about you, get turned on and ready to give you the best sex you ever had, you need to read the list above and face the facts.  DO NOT, DO NOT, become defensive and start listing the ways you are not the way she thinks you are.  Being defensive is another guaranteed way to make her cold as ice.

So here is an even harder question: Are you man enough to face the truth about your level of manliness and make positive changes?  If you are then here are some suggestions that I have given to many men in your position.  The ones who found the balls to follow my guidance are having lots more sex (with their wives).  No kidding.

Why did I say this takes balls?

Because it does.  It takes real courage to face one’s inadequacies (especially as it relates to being a man) and do something positive about them.  Remember, courage is a big turn on to your woman.

Reason 2 – You don’t act like an adult.

Countless wives make statements like this one: “I gave birth to 2 children but I often feel as if I have three.”  These wives are turned off sexually because they experience their husbands as immature or childish. Adult women do not find children or adolescents sexually attractive.  As I stated above, adult human beings are naturally structured to avoid sex with children and adolescents.  If a wife has a constant experience of her husband as immature, she will quickly lose a desire to connect with him sexually.  Yes, he may be a good guy, and yes he may have quite a few positive qualities.  However, if he acts like a child too often, she will not want to go to bed with him.

Watch The Hands

A man (husband) will be seen as childish/adolescent if he frequently grabs his wife’s butt like a teenager, makes adolescent jokes, refuses to take adult responsibility for bills, ordinary household chores and childcare, takes his children’s side against his wife, does not practice good hygiene, tries to turn all physical contact into sexual foreplay, makes sports (watching or viewing) more important than quality time with her, cannot be emotionally intimate, acts like blowjobs are a great sexual experience, refuses to learn to dress himself appropriately, does not pick up after himself, has to constantly be reminded to handle normal responsibilities, avoids disciplining the children…the list is endless but the point is clear.  Too many men act like children and then want get upset because their wives go cold to their advances.

If you want more sex, pay attention and make some adult decisions.  She will love (want) you for it!

5 Things Guys Need to Stop Doing When They Sleep With a Girl

Ever wish you could explain to a man the dos and donts of sleeping with a girl? I have, and I’m here to deliver like Dominos. Here are 5 things guys need to stop doing when they sleep with a girl.

1. Don’t make the sex all about you.

We like sex, too! Don’t rush the foreplay. Don’t rush the whole experience. Enjoy it! Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Let us feel some of that fun and enjoyment. Don’t just take off all your clothes and lie in bed and wait.

2. Don’t blow us off after.

Important — I’m not saying this means you need to be in a relationship with us — I’m saying, if you’re not into it — especially if you’re not into it — don’t just blow us off. There’s nothing worse. If you’re into us, let us know. And, even harder, if you’re not into us — let us know. We’d rather get a very kind text saying something like, “You’re great but I’m not feeling it” or WHATEVER than just total silence. Let us move on with our lives and let us know either way.

3. Don’t do that thing where you guide our head towards you crotch.

If we wanna do it, we’re gonna do it all on our own, and when you force us by tugging our head down, it’s a HUGE turn-off. Like, HUGE. (“Big mistake. Huge.” — Pretty Woman. Yes, she was referring to the mean ladies not letting her shop in the store, but the quote applies here.) I get that oral sex is really great, but you should never, ever force anyone into doing something. For all you know the girl totally wants to do it but as soon as you make it seem like it’s mandatory, she’s not gonna wanna do it anymore. And you’ll be kicking yourself. Don’t do it.

Which leads me too…

4. Don’t make us feel pressured to have sex.

If the evening (or day, afternoon delight, holla) is going well, nothing ruins it faster than feeling like we have to have sex with you. It’s kind of pathetic and pitiful when a guy is basically begging for sex. Sex needs to be something that both partners are enthusiastic about. Some women are totally down for having sex on the first date, and some aren’t. Please be considerate.

5. Don’t try to kick us out immediately afterwards.

Sometimes after sex, dudes get the itch to kick us out. I actually get that. It’s an issue of personal space. But don’t be so hasty. Sometimes after sex, we don’t want to cuddle, either — we just want to sleep. And it can be really hurtful when immediately after sex, you’re like, “Well, that was fun, but it’s time to hit the ol’ dusty trail.” That makes us feel icky.

Ladies, what do you wish guys would stop doing after sex? And guys, what about you? What do you wish us girls would stop doing?

5 Things Men Should Do More of in Bed

men in bed

Guys, we totally get it – when it comes to sex, there’s a lot of competing information out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing in bed. We’re here to help, so we’ve surveyed our friends and come up with 5 things that every man should consider doing more of in bed.

1. Ask.

“Do you like that?” “How’s that?” “Here?” “Does that feel good?” Some people are uncomfortable with voicing their own desires, so honestly, I think everyone could do a little more checking in while in bed. If your partner seems unsure or has been silent for a while, it’ll be a better sexual experience for both of you if you check in. You might find something new that your partner loves, or adjust a movement so it feels better for both of you. Communication is so important, whether it’s casual sex or sex within a committed relationship.

2. Laugh.

Sex is usually not smooth, especially the first couple of times. Don’t take it too seriously. If something doesn’t quite work, laugh it off. Don’t get frustrated. Smile, laugh a little, so you and your partner can relax and enjoy each other. The most fun sex I’ve had – casual sex or otherwise – has been with men who aren’t afraid to laugh during it.

3. Come.

Whatever you call it – come, cum, orgasm, climax. The point is, we don’t always need you to keep going for hours on end. Honestly, if you’re coming, just come. If she hasn’t had an orgasm yet, focus all of your attention on her once you’ve cleaned up. I understand – you don’t want to come before she does. The easiest way to remedy that? Start off with oral, or ask her to show you how to use her favorite toy. Not every encounter has to be a marathon, and sometimes a good sprint is just as memorable.

4. Massage.

It’s a cliche, but for good reason: There’s nothing like a good massage. Orgasms in general and G-spot orgasms in particular are much, much easier to have when you’re relaxed. In the case of casual sex, ask first. You never know – your partner might not like to be touched on her back or shoulders, and it’s just polite to check. But for many people, massage is a great way to ease into something more erotic

5. Experiment.

I think this is true across the board, regardless of gender. Everyone could use some more in-bed experimentation. Whether it’s a new position, new condoms, new lube, new toys, swinging, swapping… The list is really endless. Starting with lighter elements of BDSM is really popular now, but always, always check in with your partner. It can be as simple as, “I think you’d look so sexy blindfolded. Can we try that tonight?”

The 5 Most Underrated Things Guys Do

Sex Tips for Men

When we talk about romance, we so often talk about grand romantic gestures. How did he propose? How did you meet? What was your first date like? But everyday romance – even for the casual dater – comes down to everyday interactions. It’s the simple things that you appreciate day in and day out.

1. Forehead kisses

. Is there anything sweeter than a forehead kiss? I didn’t think so. Gentlemen, take note: This decidedly non-sexual kiss is a real panty-dropper. A step beyond is, of course, the good morning forehead kiss. If you wake her up with a forehead kiss, you are on the right track, sir.

2. Snacking with wild abandon.

Of course, many men are just as interested in health as many women are. But by and large, I’ve noticed that a lot of men can really put away the pizza. Why is this so great? Sometimes, snacking with ladies means that there’s a lot of negative talk about the food. It’s kind of a relief to just eat the pizza and not talk about it.

3. Straightforward text messages

. If you get a text from a guy that says, “Ok,” there’s a 99.9995% chance that it literally means “Ok.” There’s a tendency among some of the women I know to assume that short texts indicate disinterest or annoyance. If we can learn to appreciate the short, straightforward text message, I think it could become a real dating asset.

4. Having a wardrobe full of nearly identical pieces

. Have you ever known a man who would buy the same shirt in 10 colors? Or the same shoes year after year? Years ago, I used to think this was boring and lazy. Now, I recognize the utility in it. If they have mostly the same clothes, it’s that much easier to get ready each day and to look reasonably well put together. Plus, it’s pretty cute to open their closet and see 10 of the same cardigan all lined up.

5. Having no idea whether or not we’re wearing makeup

. Once, when I lived with two male roommates, I came out of my room fully dressed and made up for classes. One of them asked, “Do you need to shower?” When I got slightly offended, he just said, “We just assume you always look like that.” Not too bad, really.

How to Go Deeper During Sex

During sex, you’ve probably wanted to go deeper. But how do you achieve that without contorting yourself and your partner like a pair of circus acrobats? It’s surprisingly easy with a few minor tweaks to positions you already know and love.

Doggie Style

– or “from behind,” if you’re not into animal kingdom names – is a wonderful position for added depth. Keeping the receptive partner’s legs together can create a feeling of extra snugness for both parties, making penetration feel more intense. If the receptive partner places their head down, but keeps their bum in the air, the spine becomes elongated and tilts the pelvis just right for even deeper entry.


– One of my favorite positions is spooning, because if it’s executed well, you can achieve a lot of comfortable depth. Try it with the receptive partner in a wide V shape, with their legs together. This is a position that’s much easier to perform with lights on since it can involve some slight adjustments, so don’t be shy! For deeper thrusts, hold your partner close. This can be a really sexy, romantic position, and allows for a lot of attention to be paid to the receptive partner’s nipples and other erogenous zones.


– If you’re starting off in Missionary, try changing the positions of your legs. Personally, I find this to be the most difficult way to achieve depth. It requires a certain amount of flexibility that not all people are capable of. If you’re a yogi, though, this position will probably work like a charm. If the receiving partner is able to bend in such a way, putting their ankles or knees on the penetrating partner’s shoulders can feel amazing. In that position, the receiving partner is bent in a V shape, with their legs either spread or together (if their legs are together, try putting them over one shoulder). This is easiest if the penetrating partner is on their knees, bent over the receiving partner. If you have a bed frame with a head board, don’t be afraid to use it! You can get great leverage that way.

Finally, be creative! Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it’s just a slight modification of a position you already know you enjoy. If you’re trying to achieve greater depth with a partner with a vagina, remember that vaginas will expand and lengthen when they’re aroused. Starting with a lot of foreplay and using some good quality lubricant can go a long way towards being able to achieve the depth you and your partner crave.

10 Things Women Find Sexy in Men


Some of you guys may be surprised by what you read, while some of the ladies may nod in agreement (or be surprised as well, who knows!). Thus, presented to you without further comment, here are 10 unexpected things women find sexy in men.

10. Hands.

I don’t think any ladies will be surprised by this one. There is just something so sexy about a dude’s hands — especially if he plays guitar or piano, because then he’s got those long, slender fingers. I don’t know how to explain why guys’ hands are so sexy. They just are.

9. A sense of humor.

Also probably not a huge surprise on this list, but a guy having a terrific sense of humor makes everything so much hotter.

8. The way they take off a t-shirt.

Does this one seem strangely specific? It’s something I’ve noticed that I find very sexy — the way men take off t-shirts. They don’t take off t-shirts the same way women do — they attack their shirt, pulling it off from behind them with both hands. It’s a little thing and probably sounds weird to explain as “sexy”, but somehow, it is.

7. Cooking skills.

If a man can cook, it’s a one stop ride to sexytown via the sexy express. Guys, learn how to cook. Anything. Start with pasta or an omelette. I promise you it will pay off.

6. Socks.

Not just any socks, but cute socks (I’m not talking about your sweat-stained, tattered, once-was-white socks). My friend came up with this one, and I wholeheartedly agree — if a man is wearing cute socks, that’s very sexy. I mean like an argyle printed sock, or an unexpected color. It shows he took the time to put some thought into a very minor detail, and something about that is very sexy. It’s like a little surprise.

5. Scruff.

You don’t always need to be clean shaven, guys. Sometimes that little 2 day growth is hot as hell. We don’t even mind the scratchy factor. It just looks so good.

4. Crying.

I don’t mean full on bawling and over something like your sports team losing; I mean crying a little bit over a touching moment in our favorite TV show, or when you’ve just had a really long, awful day and aren’t afraid to shed a few tears in our presence.

3. Their relationship with their mom and/or sisters.

Seeing a guy having a great relationship with the other women in his life is a definite turn on. I guess it shows us that he knows how to treat women in general. The better the relationship, the more the turn on, so don’t forget to call your mom on mother’s day, dudes.

2. Scars.

This was an admission from a friend. I’m not gonna disagree with her. Harrison Ford’s chin scar is legendary for its sexiness. (Fun fact!) To quote my friend, “Scars are like battle wounds. They show the guy isn’t perfect, but it’s one of those things that makes them more endearing.”

1. Having a nerdy passion.

Yes, guys, ladies like dudes who have nerdy passions. We like seeing you have a hobby, and the nerdier, the better. Some of us are even down if you want to dress like Han Solo at our wedding (again, it’s the Harrison Ford thing). Some of us secretly think your fantasy football league is adorable. Some of us like it that you can quote every line from Twin Peaks. Because we’ve got our own nerdy stuff, and when you’re comfortable enough to let your nerd flag fly, it shows us that you trust us and aren’t afraid to truly be yourself. That’s called being confident, and it’s very sexy.