With so much advice and opinion out there. We have spoken to experts and done some research to give you the best sex tips that will bring you new levels of pleasure!

Better Sex

According to a recent survey, 94% of Canadian women have not had a Sex Ed class since high school. While this statistic may not be surprising to some, sex expert and author Dr. Jess O’Reilly, PhD, believes it is a major issue.

Dr. Jess is a Toronto-based sexologist (PhD), author, counsellor and television personality.  She is the author of the best-selling book Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, and Licks and she speaks regularly at conferences and entertainment events. She’s also currently a hosat on Playboy TV. Dr. Jess knows her stuff!

“The summer season brings an increase in energy levels, vacation time, romance and sexual desire for most Canadians yet the majority of people haven’t learned anything new about sex in years. Just a little education can take our sex lives up more than a few notches,”

says Dr. Jess.

To make sure you’re all getting the most out of this season of hot, steamy nights, we caught up with Dr. Jess so she could provide us some tips on how to have better sex this summer.

How do you explain the increase in energy and sex drive that occurs during the warmer months?

Energy levels, mood and sex drive can increase during the summer months due to hormonal changes in the body. For example, Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) has been linked an increase in sex drive and sunlight can trigger an increase in production and secretion. Similarly, serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with an elevation in mood, has also been linked to sunlight exposure. Longer days also mean an increase in dopamine levels which can in turn trigger an increase in testosterone which fuels sex drive. Practical changes (e.g. more socializing, lighter workloads, longer weekends, relaxed vacations) also tend to help reduce stress, boost happiness and rev up the libido during the summer months.

If a couple is looking to get creative & break out of their routine, what are a few things they could try this summer?

Make a rule that you can’t have sex in your bed for a period of 2 weeks

Even if you’re on the floor next to your bed, the slight change can heighten the mood.

Instead of planning a date night, take turns surprising one another with sex (or just an intimate/sexy activity) once per week.

When I’ve assigned this homework to couples, they’ve met with a great deal of success. Some of the surprises they’ve come up with. Including bubble baths, hot oil massages, lingerie shopping, phone sex, blindfolded role play scenarios and even a visit to a strip club. The key is to maintain a balance between planning and spontaneity by ensuring that you really do take turns taking the creative lead.

Read a good erotic story together.

Now that the Fifty Shades dust has settled, some higher quality work has emerged to suit every possible taste. Violet Blue curates some of her favourite stories in Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples and Alison Tyler compiles short stories in Down and Dirty. Even reading a few passages might inspire you to act a scene out on your own.

When it comes to outdoor sex or sex in unexpected places, is there anything couples should be aware of to make the experience more pleasurable?

Planning ahead matters

I have clients who have been eaten alive by mosquitoes (in all the wrong places!), broken tents and capsized sailboats. One even got poison ivy. Obviously you want to put your safety first, but a few packed essentials can help too; a thick blanket, bug spray, sunscreen and a tent make for a good start.  Being spontaneous doesn’t have to mean being unprepared.

Make sure you have a birth control that you don’t need to worry about taking. You might also want to make changes incrementally as opposed to trying to getting too wild right away. For example, a little foreplay on your balcony or in your own backyard at night offers an element of exhibitionism and the thrill of getting caught. While providing a safety net, as you can slip back inside at anytime.

If you could provide 3 pieces of sex ed advice, what would they be?

Talk about sex and ask questions.

Talk to your friends, your partner, your therapist and even your parents if they’re open to it. We spend so much time consuming sexual imagery, trying to be sexy and even having sex, but we spend very little time having serious conversations about it.

Talking about sex helps you to acknowledge your boundaries, work through your concerns, seek answers to questions and normalize the spectrum of sexual normalcy. If you’ve ever had a sexual concern or hiccup, chances are that millions of others have faced the same challenge — we all have a lot to learn. And remember that sex talk doesn’t always have to be serious; laughter helps you to shed your inhibitions both in and out of the bedroom.


Not only is solo sex good for your health (it relieves stress, promotes a good night’s sleep, reduces pain, improves your mood and encourages circulation). But it also enhances partnered sex, as it’s connected with higher levels of sexual functioning in terms of desire, arousal and orgasm. As masturbation helps you to develop greater comfort with your own body and its unique responses, you’ll both benefit from the resulting boost in sexual self-esteem.

Get ‘covered.’

Worrying about your birth control ‘in the moment’ can ruin the mood.  Choosing a birth control that you don’t need to think about everyday allows you the freedom to get spontaneous.  One option to consider is Jaydess, a new, long-term, reversible contraceptive that offers a more convenient alternative to commonly used daily options like the birth control pill.  It leaves you stress-free to have sex whenever – and wherever you feel like it without the worry of an unplanned pregnancy.

From Dr. Jess…

Get to know your body.

There’s nothing like a little anatomy 101 to help improve your sex life.  Do you know where your fourchette is?  Did you know your clitoris has legs? Learning the ins and outs of your erogenous zones (they vary depending on your body’s temperature) will go a long way towards knowing how to get the most pleasure from them.

Get active.

Working out produces high endorphin levels and will leave you feeling better about yourself.  Taking care of your body and working up a sweat with your partner is one of the best ways to get turned on. The pheromone release can have a subtle effect on your levels of attraction. Who knows? Some competition on the tennis court might just lead to some playful roughhousing in the bedroom.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Try something neither of you has done before. The thrill and excitement of any new and challenging activity can reignite the spark you shared in the beginning when you were just getting to know one another. Including high-intensity activities in your summer plans such as roller coaster rides, biking, hiking, etc. can help reinvigorate your love life.

Giving Her an Orgasm

Want to take your bedroom game to the next level? Here’s a few tips on how to help your partner have amazing orgasms!

DO make sure that you know where a woman’s clitoris is

If you’re not sure, grab a sex positive instructional book and do some research…or, look it up online (hey, that’s what the internet is for!)  As the old adage goes, “If you can’t find something, just ask!” If you can’t find your partner’s clit, get her to show and guide you.

DON’T assume that the G-Spot doesn’t exist

It does! Located inside the vagina, stimulation of the G-spot produces a very powerful kind of female orgasm. In some women, it even produces female ejaculation, also known as “squirting.” It is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The “front” wall is the wall of the vagina on the same side as her belly button.

It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate. The actual area is only about the size of a quarter, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it — especially if you learn how to master the woman’s G-spot effectively.

DO use your hands and tongue

Although we love your penis, your hands and tongue can do magical things. Don’t think of using your tongue or fingers as a substitute (or as competition) for your penis, but as a accessory. The truth is, a finger can get inside a woman and precisely stimulate specific areas, such as the g-spot. Same goes for the tongue – the feeling of someone giving you oral pleasure is totally different than the sensation that comes from penetration. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and use all three!

DON’T maw on her lady parts like you’re eating a cob of corn

With that said, unless she requests it, do not, I repeat DO NOT use your teeth when giving oral. We do not want you to treat our genitals like a snack from the state fair. You’ve been warned.

DO use your hands while you go down on her

If you want to put her over the edge, try stimulating her G-spot at the same time while you go down on her. Pro tip: always be gentle. Insert one finger to start and make sure you press lightly. If she wants you to go harder, insert more fingers or press more firmly, she’ll let you know – trust us. If you glance up and it looks like there are demons being exorcized from her body, you’re doing it right.

DO listen to her

Your secret weapon in the bedroom? Your ears. Pay attention to your partner. Listen to how she responds to what you’re doing. Listen to the sounds she’s making. If her noises indicate that what you’re doing is turning her on, keep. doing. whatever. you’re. doing. Her moans of pleasure are NOT a sign that you should completely switch things up and try that weird thing with your thumb that you once saw on a porno. Just keep going! She’ll let you know when she wants you to switch things up.

DON’T try and rush things

Many women require a lot of foreplay and stimulation before they’re able to have an orgasm. Don’t get discouraged. This is completely normal. Just be patient and let her guide you towards what feels good.

DO be open to using a small vibrator

Only about 25% of women (or people with vaginas) consistently orgasm from penetrative sex alone. When you add in clitoral stimulation, that number rises considerably. This is why everyone should invest in a small clitoral vibrator. Use it on her (or have her use it on herself) while she rides you, or while you have sex doggy style. There are tons of different ways you can use a vibe during sex – it’s really up to you how creative you get. Trust us, the pay-off in orgasms and pleasure is definitely worth it!

DON’T ask “are you there yet?” or “are we close?”

You’re not in a car and pleasuring your partner shouldn’t be treated like a painstaking road-trip through Vaginaville. Our suggestion? If it seems like nothing you’re doing is working, ask her sexily what she likes.

How To Talk Dirty In The Bedroom

There are two camps of people when it comes to talking dirty in bed. Some are like, “Oh yeah, baby give it to me” while others find pillow talk awkward and distracting. Dirty talk can definitely enhance your sexual experiences, but you’ve got to know what to say, and when to shut up.

Talking dirty in the bedroom is much more than a contrived, “Oh baby, you feel so good.”. You don’t have to stare at your partners naked body and verbally list everything about him you find attractive. Nor do you need to vocalize your every thought. Can you imagine having sex with someone who is on a constant loop? Not to mention, if you’re even able to talk that much you’re doing sex wrong!

Sometimes sounds make more of an impact than actual words. It’s way hotter to moan and purr than it is to say, “Wow, I’m really turned on.” Sex should be mainly show versus tell. But what if you really can’t hold back? Here are some dirty talk guidelines.

It’s All About The Tone

Any sentence can turn into a sexy one liner. It’s all about tone and emphasis. “So what do you want to do?” is flirty and fun when you say it with a breathy voice and as more of an invitation than an question. This way, he’s more likely to respond that he wants to do YOU rather than go watch a movie.

Don’t Be Shy

If you’re shy about dirty talk, start slow. If something feels good, definitely let your partner know. Again, keeping in mind your tone and emphasis, you can turn “I love that” up a notch by saying “I loove when you do that”. One great sexual benefit of dirty talk is that it makes it simple to figure out what your partner likes and doesn’t like. Instead of playing the guessing game and going at it on a wing and a prayer, you know instantly what works and what doesn’t. Communication-it’s a beautiful thing!

Don’t Act Like You’re a Porn Star, Either

Stepping out of your sexual comfort zone is one thing-pretending you’re all of a sudden some d-list sex movie star is another. Your dirty talk should stem from how turned on you are or how good your partner is making you feel, and it shouldn’t take away from the experience. You don’t need to say certain cliche’s that you might have seen in movies just because you think you’re supposed to.

When you spend too much time contriving the perfect thing to say, it lacks the most important element of dirty talk-keeping it real. The person you’re sleeping with doesn’t want to be with a fake wannabe porn star yelling out cliche’s, they just want you to feel good, and let them know!

Make Sure You Can Back Up Your Promises

Your actions do the most talking when it comes to sex. So, if you’re sexting with your guy and you tell him how you’re going to give him the best bj of his life and he’s never going to forget it, you better be prepared to deliver. Or at the very least, try your hardest! Or if you tell a woman that you are going to get her off five times in one night…better get to work!

Start Slow

When you first begin hooking up with someone, it’s best to refrain from being too crude, specific or well, “dirty” in the sack. Start slow and see how your partner responds-do they jump right on the dirty talk train with you, or clam up and get silent? Dirty talk is a conversation, not a lecture, so make sure you aren’t the one doing all the talking.

If you’re afraid to say anything in case your partner judges you or you’re afraid of coming off slutty, be brave and speak up! Most men get insanely turned on when their otherwise conservative and pure girlfriends all of a sudden turn a little bit nasty in bed. And if he still judges you? Tell him something else…it goes a little something like this. “Good-bye!”

Dirty Talk Cliche’s To Avoid At All Costs

Do not pass go, do not collect $100 and do not say these cliche’s in bed.

“It’s so big”
“Harder, harder, harder”
“Talk dirty to me”
Anything too clinical or technical. Ex-“I want to suck on your penis.” There is nothing sexy about that!
“You’ve been a bad girl/boy”
“I’ve been thinking of doing this to you ALL DAY”
“You do it better than anyone else EVER has!”
“Say my name! What’s my name?!”

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Sex Life

Although many parts of the world are still defrosting, it is officially Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I love Spring because it signals a start of new things. If your sex life got a bit ho-hum over the colder months now’s the perfect time to shake things up! To get you started, here are a few tips to keep in mind for a sexy Spring –

Know what you want and openly communicate it

One of the easiest ways to inspire positive, toe-curling change in your sex life is to know what you want – and be honest and open about it with the people you’re sleeping with. For example, if you’d really like to try BDSM activities or experiment with anal play. The only way that’s going to happen is if you communicate with your partner(s) about your fantasies and what turns you on. Keep in mind that as long as what you are doing is legal and there is mutual consent, there is nothing wrong with exploring your sexuality. Not sure what you really want? Spring is all about re-birth, so take some time to pour over erotic literature, watch some adult movies or check out a sex-positive how to book. Have fun letting your imagination run wild!

Change locations

Sometimes the smallest things can lead to a new spark in your sex life – for example, like trying a tried & tested favourite position in a new location. Love doing it doggy-style in the bedroom? Try doing it from behind in the kitchen. Ladies, do you love being on top? Try straddling your partner in his favourite office chair. Next time you’re with your lover, initiate sex in a room or location that you’ve never “christened.” You might be surprised how exciting this can be. After all, even if you’re just having casual sex there’s no reason not to keep things interesting, right?!

Find the right products and keep them on hand

I firmly believe that the right products can completely enhance your sexual experiences. This means keeping a high quality lube on hand at all times – not only will this make for smoother, more feel good sensations for both of you, it will also help with enhancing the pleasure and safety on condoms. Personally, I am a huge fan of Sliquid Sassy lube because it totally rocks (it’s nice & thick while being completely non-irritating.) You’ll also want to make sure you have a good selection of condoms on hand at all times. If you’re a man buying condoms, make sure you are buying the correct size (yes, not all condoms are created equal). A condom that fits properly and feels good to you is going to make sex that much better.

Thirdly, investing in a small vibrator is always a good idea. Many women can’t come from penetration alone, so having a “pocket rocket” on hand is never a bad idea.

Dress up

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I wish my life sex life was like a scene from porn!” – dressing up is totally for you. Whether it’s donning some sexy lingerie that you wouldn’t normally use or putting on a fireman’s uniform to act out a sexy rescue scenario (actual fire not necessary). By dressing up we’re able to express parts of ourselves that we might not normally connect with. Oh, and it’s just a heck of a lot of fun.

Show your own body some love

Men – stop worrying about your penis. Although porn and society to a certain extent may have lead you to think that good sex depends on how awesome your penis is – they’re wrong. So, so, so, much more goes into a great sexual experience besides body parts. Please trust me on this. Ladies – stop worrying about how you look when you’re having sex or whether your body is perfect or not. I’ve spoken to a lot of men and one of the things they repeatedly have told me is that sexy is a state of mind. Most men would prefer to be a woman who feels good about herself in the bedroom – the rest is secondary. When you stop hating on stuff you can’t control you’ll be amazed at how much time and energy it frees up for stuff you enjoy…like having good sex. Everyone: love your body. Remind yourself daily that you are sexy exactly the way you are. Say it again. And again. Smile. Now that’s better.

4 Tips for Sex in a New Relationship

New relationships are full of hope and excitement for the future and all the possibilities it holds for the two of you.

But it also comes with a little bit of fear, uncertainty and dread when it comes to sex. Figuring out your partners likes, dislikes and boundaries are important but can sometimes cause worry. Here are tips to help work through the new relationship sex woes.

1. Be vocal and honest.

Some people feel uncomfortable telling their partner what turns them on while they’re busy doing the deed, so bring it up another time. There are plenty of lead-ins for that conversation, such as taking a cue from a tv show or movie, discussing things friends have said, and starting with things you definitely do not like. These conversation starters open the door for you to share what turns you on in a casual way.

2. Try new things.

You and your partner have different sexual histories, which is great – learning from each other can benefit both of you and lead to things you never knew you liked! When your partner brings up an idea or does something new, try not to get hung up on the fact that they learned this with someone else and instead focus on how glad you are that they learned it at all! Adding to your library of sex tips never hurts.

3. Don’t forget foreplay.

The beginning of a new relationship is the perfect time to focus on foreplay. Your partner gets to learn about your body and you get to ease into the event and relax a lot.

4. Practice, practice, practice!

Take advantage of the honeymoon phase of a new relationship and have lots of sex. Whether or not the stereotype that the frequency of sex decreases the longer you’ve been together holds true for you or not, you might as well take advantage of your insatiable desire for your new love interest and practice together all the time. You can only get better!

10 Tips Sleeping with a Woman (for the first time)


Hoping to get lucky tonight fellas? From bringing your own condoms with you to cleaning your apartment – being a good lover means being prepared. If you’re having casual sex or sleeping with multiple partners, it’s absolutely crucial that you always practice safe sex. To provide some tips on the Do’s and Dont’s of first-time sex with a new partner.

Keep things clean

This is probably common sense but make sure you shower & smell good. Also clean underwear is a must. If they are full of holes or (god forbid) stained, they belong in the trash, not on your body. And, too much cologne is a turn off. We all rely on pheromones to be turned on.  You want her to be able to smell you (albeit a freshly showered, you).

Clean your house/apartment (or at the very least, your bedroom!)

If you’re planning on having sex at your place, clean your home. Your home should look clean, tidy, and inviting – NOT like the set of a Seth Rogan movie.

Have your own condoms on hand

 – It’s actually shocking how many men (of all age groups!) rely on women to have condoms. So, it is a welcome surprise when a man comes equipped and the woman will be pleasantly relieved with a man who is prepared in this department. You’ll get bonus points for having a condom sampler, or assortment to choose from. It makes using condoms much more fun! (And if you’ve never used condoms before, make sure you learn how to put them on properly by doing a “dry run” before the big night!)

Know your condom size 

Most condom users (even those using condoms for decades have no idea there are 3 sizes of condoms. Most men are wearing the wrong size condom resulting in lack of pleasure and safety.  [Meaning condoms often slip (if they are too large) or often break (if the are too small).] Once you know and wear the right condom for you – you can concentrate on your partner and your/their pleasure instead of the condom. Don’t know your size? Here’s a funny, easy way to determine your (or your partners) condom size.

Come prepared for her needs

Although many men aren’t aware of this, latex sensitivity and allergies can actually be quite common for women. Make sure you have a few non-latex options available for the first time, such asLifeStyles’ Skyn (or Skyn Large) condoms handy in case she has a latex sensitivity. They are made of polyisoprene and many couples actually prefer them to latex, as they conduct heat better and are extremely sensitive.

Avoid arousal products or props the first time

Despite what you might have been hearing about from Fifty Shades of Grey, most women will be a little freaked out if you show up for a first time sexual encounter with warming gel and sex toys. Until you are have moved on to selecting sex products together and knowing one another’s comfort zones, you should probably stay away from anything more “kinky.” Plus, you don’t know yet what sensitivities she might have to condoms or lubricants with heating/cooling properties, and you don’t want a memorable night to turn into a painful fiasco. Or her wanting a shower instead of you.

Have some quality lube

It is a myth that an excited woman is always wet – especially when adding latex to her most sensitive area. Keep some water based, non-irritating lube on hand to enhance the experience for both of you. Not only does lube increase her pleasure, adding a drop to the inside of the condom can create a much more natural, pleasurable experience for you. Not sure what kind of lube to buy? You’re not alone.  

Make eye-contact

There’s nothing sexier than some intimate eye-contact during sex. Instead of staring at the wall or the ceiling: Capture her gaze, hold her hand…connect!


You don’t have to talk throughout, but it’s always nice if you check in (“Does this feel good?”, “what do you like?”) The last thing most women want is for a man to pound away on them like a rabid jack-rabbit on speed. Instead, show you’re considerate and care about her pleasure too! Women might be hesitant to speak up about their needs and wants, especially the first time, so being open and expressive will make the feel comfortable enough to tell you what they really want.

Always, ALWAYS, use condoms the first time

And, don’t make her ask or bring up the subject. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just had a STI test and think you’re the cleanest guy around – don’t make condoms a negotiation. She will relax and you will both enjoy your first time so much more without this hanging over your heads.

Steamy Shower Sex

If you’re in the mood for some naughty adult fun, shower sex is a great way to get clean while you’re getting dirty! Wash. Lather. Repeat. However, unless you’re blessed with a shower that’s the size of a walk in closet, shower sex comes with some limitations and often feels like you’re playing a human game of Jenga. For super hot shower sex that won’t result in a head injury, follow these tips –


Lather up and take things slow

Instead of rushing into the main act, take your time teasing and tempting each other. Find a shower gel you like and using a loofah or shower sponge, take turns washing each other. When you finally make skin to skin contact it will be that much hotter. Tip: Fellas, ask first before you lather up her lady bits. A lot of women are really sensitive to soaps and shower gels in their intimate areas (it can cause burning and irritation later on). Instead use a silicone based lube to get things going (see tip #3.)

Bring a toy

Loads of sex toys are now waterproof – invest in one for shower time fun! Grab your favourite waterproof toy and use it on yourself while your guy watches. Alternatively, have him use it on you and see if he can distract you from your usual shower tasks 😉

Play with the shower head

Ladies, if you’ve got a detachable shower head, spray it on your clitoris and other erogenous zones & show him how you like to get off then, have your partner so the same to you. The stimulation provided by shower heads can be incredibly intense. Watching her lose control will make him go bananas…in a good way!

Have him play with your breasts

Facing him, have him play with your breasts, either with his fingers or his tongue….or, drive him nuts showing him how you’d like to be touched. The sensation of touch plus the warm water will feel incredible.

Put on the condom outside of the water

Because you can still get pregnant or get an STD in water, you should always practice safe sex, even if you’re in the shower. However, not only is putting on a condom underwater extremely difficult. It can cause water to seep in, making the condom more likely to slip off. Putting a condom on properly while on “dry land” will help minimize this risk.  If you’re planning on having sex, keep condoms on hand and take a step out of the shower if needed to get suited up. Now you’re ready for the games to really begin!

Use a silicone lube

When you think of hot sex, the words “slippery” and “wet” definitely come to mind. Especially when you’re talking about sex in the shower. However, sex and water don’t naturally mix. Having sex in water can actually create more friction that normal. Although most condoms come lubricated with a water based lube, sex in water can wash away the lubricant, making for a potentially uncomfortable situation.

Do it doggie style

He’ll love the view he gets from doing it doggie style. Stand up straight with your hands against the wall and legs spread slightly. Your guy will enter you from behind. Make sure you aim your shower head as downward as possible so the water isn’t hitting both of you directly in the face. That can be distracting and things will get really wet — not in a good way. He’ll love the view he gets doing it doggystyle while the walls of the shower give you both support and leverage.

Sit down

Have him sit down with his legs stretched out or slightly bent at the knee if he’s tall. Straddle him and go to town. Ladies, while you control the depth of penetration, the water hitting your back lightly will feel extra good. Plus, this sex position is relatively secure, therefore minimizing the risk that one of you will slip in the tub. 

Standing straight

For another shower friendly sex position, stand up straight with your back againt the wall, lift one leg up and wrap it around his lower back. Tip: It will be easier for him to have full control if he presses his hands against the wall you’re leaning on.

Dry each other off

Gently dry each other off while caressing each other’s bodies. Men, apply lotion to your lady, massaging it gently into her skin. All of this sensual contact is the perfect prelude to round-two!

(photo via weheartit.com)

Sex Tips You Should Ignore

Besides the fall issues of Vogue, I never really buy magazines anymore-thank you very much, internet. But while I might not be buying them, one of my favorite things to do is scan some of the women’s magazines lining the check-out at the store, and read the covers promising things like-“The best sex tips EVER” or “Blow his mind tonight”. Inside though, it’s the same stuff repeated over and over again, which leads to me wonder. If these sex tips really worked, why would women have to buy these magazines anymore? Scandalous! Just for fun though, let’s go over some of the more silly sex tips I’ve read recently and why you should definitely ignore them!

Wet T-Shirt….in bed?

“Come to bed in a soaking wet white t-shirt.” I get it-there is something oh-so-sexy about a woman wearing a wet t-shirt because OMG you can see her boobs! But this is not some music video set in a car wash. I can’t be the only one thinking how un-sexy this sounds. Perhaps I’m too practical, but a soaking wet shirt, means soaking wet sheets and mattress. A hell of a mess to clean up. I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly in a molly the maid type of mood after I orgasm. This seems better reserved for a pool party or beach day.

Dressing Room Sex

“Sneak him into the dressing room while you’re shopping for lingerie.” This is one of those “tips” that I’ve been hearing and reading for years but I’m not sure anyone really does this. I live in a big metropolitan city and when I go shopping, between the salespeople and other customers, I never have a moment where I could sneak my boyfriend into the dressing room, screw him and send him on his way undetected. Sex in public can be hot and incredibly sexy if done right. I just don’t think the women’s department in Macy’s is the right place.

Deep Throat a Bottle?

“Stare at him across the table as you take the bottle of beer you’re drinking deep into your mouth.”. UM…WHAT? I would do this once as a JOKE. But I would not recommend pretending to fellate your bottle of Blue Moon in an attempt to turn your partner on. We all know what a blow job looks like. And now so does everyone else in the restaurant.