Sexual Role Playing for Hipsters

When it comes to sexual role play, hey, hipsters need love, too. And why not role play in your hipster finest? Go ahead and scoff at the haters and don some American Apparel knee-highs, thick-framed glasses, and holier-than-thou attitude and try these on for size the next time you role play with your favourite sexy hipster. I bring you, sexual role playing for hipsters.

Margot and Richie Tenenbaum.

Or really, any Wes Anderson movie duo would work, but with this one, you get your ultimate hipster on, what with Margot’s dark eyeliner and fur coat and Richie’s tennis outfit. And you get to say lines like, “I think we’re just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Richie.” Be sure to play The Kinks in the background.

Sex Role Play

John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

They’re like the original hipsters. Have a peace protest in bed — with your genitals. Personally, I’d prefer to role play as John over Yoko, so ladies, don’t be afraid to ask your guy to switch it up.

Hipster Sex

…or for extra hipster bonus points…

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

Sean Lennon is John and Yoko’s son (and Elton John’s Godson). His girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, is a model. They met at the Coachella music festival. Is there a more hipster pair than that?

Dress Up Sex

American Apparel employees. 

It’s just too easy. Pretend to escape to the break room (or hell, do it in the store, it’s already saturated with sex) where you can be the sales girl/model and your guy can be the manager/pervert. Dress in unisex American Apparel clothes so that after you tear them off your bodies and get re-dressed, it doesn’t matter who’s wearing what.

Sex Games
Weird Sex Role

Record store clerk and hopeful shopper.

He’s brooding amidst a jungle of vinyl. He’s trying to sort the records before his boss gets on his case, again. You’re the hopeful timid shopper, hoping to find something great to add to your collection. You need his help. You adjust the brim of your bowler hat and clear your throat, trying to get his attention. He snaps at you, “One minute please.” How dare he take that attitude with me, you think. I’m a potential customer. You turn to leave. “I SAID, one minute” he barks. You stop dead in your tracks. Why is he so damn…sexy? You’re going to give him his minute. And et cetera.


I hope these ideas inspire you and your hipster love to role play. There’s nothing wrong with using a little imagination in the bedroom. Which hipster role play situations did I overlook? Feel free to sound off in the comments! Have fun, everybody.

Sex With a Vampire

Vampire Sex

Long before Bella and Edward,  True Blood and those crazy kids from the Vampire Diaries, I dated a guy who claimed to be a Vampire.

I wasn’t aware of his self-identified Vampire status when I started dating him. It came out one evening when we were lying in bed and I mentioned that I enjoyed Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” – an epic series of dark, gothic novels that centre around an ancient Vampire named Lestat (Rice’s books are moody, ethereal and very sexy. They basically make Twilight look like an episode of the Teletubbies.) He took this as his cue to tell me, that he was in fact a vampire.

“Haha, that’s very funny.”

“No, I’m being completely serious.”

Role Playing

As it turns out, this guy was really into vampire role playing. He’d get together with a group of fellow “vampires” and they would dress up, wear fangs and do vampire-y things. Despite my predilection for the occasional sexy vampire novel, this revelation kind of freaked me out – especially when he professed a fondness for blood and biting people at these parties. We ended up breaking up shortly after when he bit me in bed. As it turns out, I wasn’t cut out for the vampire life. I ended up writing this guy off as yet another bizarre character from my dating adventures.

Gothic Role Play

Although the thought of drinking blood (fake or otherwise) from strangers doesn’t appeal to me personally, I can see why people find vampires sexy. They’re seductive creatures of the night that are often portrayed as highly sexual or romantic. They’re a great Bad Boy/Bad Girl. For individuals who like to dominate or be dominated, being “taken” by a vampire definitely comes with a certain appeal.

This quote from Rhiannon on the Good Vibes blog sums it up best:

“Often, the things that terrify you (creatures of the night who can kill you if they so wish or not) are also the things that can make you cum the fastest, to put it frankly.  It makes you feel powerful, and for someone who sometimes has self esteem issues, it’s wonderful. There are many different ways to explore a vampire theme in your sexual endeavours.  The blood plays a big part of that, but also there are different reasons why it appeals to me.  A vampire can take control of their partner/victim, and there is a sub/dom relationship that often forms between partners here.  It’s a self esteem boost for the dom partner, but that isn’t to say that the submissive is without pleasure, too!  There is nothing more satisfying (to me) to have a long, hot romp in hot, wet edible (or not) blood in a situation and environment that allows for imagination, creativity, and sexual appetites to come together for a fantastic culmination of bodies and orgasms.The props that can be used are endless (fangs, candles and hot wax, crucifixes for fun, costumes, toys, etc) and that alone is enough to get someone off.”

Sexy Vampire

However because using real blood obviously comes with some very serious health concerns such as potentially infecting or being infected by a life threatening disease, fake blood makes the perfect stand in. To quote the article in Good Vibes again, “Vampires are highly sexual creatures, so it seems natural for me to want to act out or seek out the different ways to be intimate with another person using bloodletting, blood giving, and drinking in the bedroom. Not to mention the fact that the edible blood that I make is made from chocolate syrup, food coloring, and light corn syrup…Pour that stuff all over your bodies and use your mouths, with or without fangs, to live out your ultimate dark undead fantasies.  You just might enjoy it.”

I dated my vampire years ago, before online dating was really popular. However, if I ever get the “thirst” to date another vampire or act out any of the fantasies described above, there are now tons of sites devoted specifically to vampire dating – proof that whatever you’re into, you can find like minded people online for friends…or eternal lust.

10 of the Sexiest (and fun) Costumes for the Bedroom!

sexy costumes
Dressing up is so much fun, which is why I think many of us still get excited when Halloween rolls around. Whether you’re prepping for some Halloween festivities or just want to spice things up in the bedroom, we’ve come up with a list of our top sexy costumes for this year –

Snow White

Sexual Role Playing

Although I’m usually not a fan of sexy Disney inspired costumes, this Snow White costume is sexy and flirty without ruining any childhood memories.

Queen of Hearts

Sexy Halloween

You’re sure to get lucky in this sexy Queen of Hearts costume that features a red bustier and tutu skirt.


Sexy Sailor

A Halloween standby – you can’t go wrong with a sexy sailor costume. Although this might be a bit much for a Halloween party, it would be perfect for surprising your partner in. Ahoy mateys, indeed!

Flight Attendant

Sex with Flight Attendant

Join the mile high club in this cute, retro styled flight attendant outfit.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Sex Outfit

Although my feelings about Miley Cyrus are mixed to say the least, you can’t deny that this costume is cute. Just don’t be surprised if you’re not the only one wearing it this year!

Playboy Bunny

Sex with Playboy Bunny

Another sexy standby, you’re sure to look irresistible in this gorgeous sequin bunny costume. Just don’t pull a Legally Blonde – before you leave the house, make sure you are in fact going to a costume party. Either way, this a costume you can wear in the bedroom all year round!

Minnie Mouse


Another sexy revamp of a childhood classic – this Minnie Mouse costume is surprisingly flirty & sexy!


Sexy Vampire

If you’re a fan of shows like True Blood, you’ll love this sexy vampire costume complete with a jaunty top-hat.


Sexy Showgirl

If you love Vegas like we do, you’ll love this sexy showgirl costume that’s perfect for Halloween or a  private dance behind closed doors.


Sexy Witch

An update on a Halloween classic, this sexy witch costume is sure to cast a spell on your lover.

How to Create the Perfect Sex Tape

Creating a private sex tape can be extremely sexy and exciting for both of you. However, this isn’t an endeavour that should be taken lightly. Very few of us will make a sex tape that will propel us into reality TV stardom (cough, cough Kim Kardashian cough). In the wrong hands, a sex tape can cause you to lose your job, friends and credibility. Our advice? Make sure you proceed with extreme caution, discretion and good lighting! Here’s our definitive guide to creating the perfect sex tape.

Talk about it and make sure you get consent

Before you get busy (or do anything) on camera with the person you’re with, make sure you both discuss it and consent to what is happening. Do not try to be coy or “drop hints” about the whole thing. If you’re interested in doing it onscreen, the only way to make that happen is to be up front. Bringing it up out of the blue can also be totally awkward, so try to tie it in to a conversation. For example – if you notice them flipping through a sexy photo-shoot in a magazine, casually mention how sexy you think they’d look in a similar photo-shoot and then see how they react. You could also initiate a discussion about each others ultimate fantasies, which provides an opportunity to let your partner in on what turns you on!

Do you want to be a porn star?

Make sure to ask for their opinion (“Hey, so how would you feel about doing this?”) and be prepared for the fact that they may not be into the idea. After all, not everyone wants to be a porn-star – and that’s OK. If they’re not into it, just back off. There’s nothing cool or sexy about trying to talk someone into doing something they don’t want to do. As always, NO means NO.

However, if your partner is into the idea, make sure that you also discuss the specifics of what’s going to happen before the cameras start rolling – for example, how you’re going to capture the images and what’s going to happen to them afterwards. Ultimately, this will help you both feel more comfortable so you can just relax and have fun!

Start small

Keep in mind, if you’re not ready to make a video yet, you could always start by taking a few photos of each other. If one or both of you is new to this, this is a great way to get comfortable, figure out what works best and hopefully get really turned on in the process.

(Just note, make sure you follow step and communicate beforehand. There’s nothing more off-putting or creepy about someone just whipping out a camera in the middle of an intimate moment. In other words, play nice and don’t be a jerk.)

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

Unlike adult film stars, normal people can’t just say “Action!” and start having sex. If you want to make a good home video, foreplay is key. You both need to be turned on or it’s going to look super awkward and no one is going to be having any fun. The camera alone isn’t foreplay – you still have to seduce each other!

One or both of you might be a bit nervous and/or insecure on camera (it’s totally natural!) So, make it all about your partner. Lavish attention on them. Tell them of how beautiful and sexy you think they are. If they bring up their flaws  – pretend you don’t know what they’re talking about (“Muffin top? What muffin top! You’re ridiculously hot.” )Remind them of how turned on you are to be doing this with them…because you are! Make sure they know that they are making your fantasy come true.

Play up the fantasy

If one or both of you is still feeling shy, focus on the fantasy of what you’re doing. After all, porn stars are real people and what they do on screen is acting. Suggest to your partner that you role play – i.e. pretend that you’re that hot couple screwing on screen while other people watch, or whatever fantasy tickles your fancy! Role-playing is a great tool to get you out of your shell and let loose. You’ll likely get so into it that you’ll forget about the stuff you were feeling insecure about in the first place.

(Pro tip: If you need a little extra oomph to kickstart the fantasy, why not invest in a fun role-play costume, lingerie or professional hair and make-up? If anonymity is a concern or your partner is camera shy, try acting out a masquerade fantasy where one or both of you wears a sexy mask!)


Set the lights, camera and angles

You don’t need a professional camera or HD technology to shoot a good home video. In fact, HD cameras can be downright scary when it comes to shooting naked flesh – in the sense that they almost show too much. Do you need to be reminded of that chickenpox scar when you watch the replay? We’re thinking probably not. A phone camera will work just fine, however you’ll probably want to invest in a tripod to keep things steady.

When it comes to lighting, natural light is always the best and most forgiving. However, if you’re filming at night time, warm, yellowish light is the most flattering and helps soften blemishes. We would also suggest shooting from below, looking up: this is the most flattering angle for women because it enhances your curves, while flattening your stomach.

Plan your positions

Now is not the time to try that new position that you saw that will totally look awesome if you can figure out how to slip your leg behind your head at just the right angle. Stick with tried and true classics that look good on camera, like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy-style and spooning.

Make sure your partner feels safe

We cannot stress this point enough: when it comes to making a sex tape there needs to be a lot of trust. If you’re having casual sex or you’re just fuck buddies, this might be harder to come by. Still it’s up to you to make each other feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Make sure that you’re both visible in every shot, so that if someone sees the video they’ll see both of you. Think of it as mutually assured self-destruction! Also, if you’re sharing screen time equally, your partner is less likely to feel exploited or put on the spot. Remember this is a joint effort.

Don’t kiss and tell

Not only is sharing a sex-tape against someone’s wishes a terrible thing to do, it may also be illegal. Lawmakers have been pushing to make “Revenge Porn” – the non-consensual distribution of lewd content like photos & sex tapes – a criminal offence…and rightfully so. There’s nothing worse than trusting someone in the most intimate way, only to have them violate that trust in a very public way.

Unfortunately we’re living in a time where almost everything comes with a digital footprint that has the potential to haunt you for the rest of your life. If you’re not sure whether you or your partner might break your promise to keep your video activities to yourself, don’t make a video together. It’s that simple.

Role-playing can be totally hot

role play sex

Again, this is the kind of thing that both people have to be into to some degree — don’t ever force anything when it comes to sex, that’s bad news bears. But when Don instructed his mistress, Sylvia Rosen, to get undressed and get into bed (and more), it was the hottest thing ever. I totally wouldn’t mind a stately gentleman like Don telling me what to do. Sometimes it’s nice to give up control.