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The Local Dogging Scene: and How to Get in on the Action

The dogging sex revolution has marched onto New Zealand terrain as part of a lively movement involving anonymous encounters. Every kink has its place here, and the no-strings dating scene is no longer a community you must struggle to penetrate. Online dating sites that specialise in a variety of no-strings and polyamorous encounters have allowed those who share fetishes to find each other with ease. Most people have a certain amount of voyeurism and exhibitionist in them. Studies show that men are more voyeuristic than women, but all in all, most metropolitan regions have a minimum of one swinging club and sex club. Larger cities have a vibrant and diverse scene that covers everything from power exchange to anonymous sexual encounters, and many of them rely on networking and dating sites to organise events. This gives everyone an opportunity to explore their desires with consensual adults who share their interests. Niche dating sites are all you need to find the perfect people to share your kinks with.

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The label “doggers” originated from an era when men would walk their dogs to car lots to satisfy their voyeuristic inclinations with strangers. It’s since evolved into a consensual, ethical movement that respects the needs of all involved. Participants might share exhibitionist and voyeuristic preferences, but those two words have evolved in meaning. In the past, they both referred solely to non-consensual encounters, but today, they’re built on a foundation of enthusiastic consent. While paraphilias are still listed in the DSM–the psychiatry textbook of diagnoses– they’re defined as fetishes that cause harm and evade consent. In contrast, kinks are now considered healthy and normal by the therapeutic community.

New Zealand Dogging meet-up groups don’t always engage in anonymous sex. Some participants are merely interested in letting their inner voyeurs or exhibitionists out to play without making physical contact with strangers. The scene has diversified to include a few satellite communities, including adult theatre groups and gloryholes. Some include couples, while others invite singles, as well. Still others include participants of other kink scenes, so you can track down just the right site listings for your tendencies. Like any experimental sexual cultures, it’s only fun if it’s safe. Social media and dating sites have made that safety much easier to achieve by allowing all community members to establish a rule-driven microcosm with its own well-developed principles. Sites are set aside for their privacy to ensure that no non-doggers are exposed to them, and rules are often stiff. This is less restrictive than you might think. In truth, it creates a sense of freedom by helping all involved to explore freely without getting hurt–or hurting others.

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Local doggers usually use on and offline networks to set aside sites and schedules to engage in or watch car sex. The mere existence of local dogging communities keeps things fun and honourable by ensuring that all who arrive at the dogging site have chosen to be there. Respect is a central tenet, and the scene’s rules are structured to maintain it. Sex is never expected or guaranteed, so only respond to invitations. The use of the car’s interior light is an invitation to voyeurs, while an open window indicates a willingness for more direct sexual contact. Neither indicate a willingness to engage in other kinks, so always get consent before you play. Cameras are generally banned, so don’t take pictures unless all in the photograph have agreed to it, and always make sure no non-doggers can see. Participants are usually partly dressed to prevent nonconsensual exposure, and while the dogging community is more accepting of unprotected sex than most, barrier methods are still advised. Some couples use blindfolds and toys, but since women often get swarmed, many keep their doors firmly closed. Women who are intimidated by the process frequently rely on a trusted male partner to keep them safe. The more secure you are, the more you can immerse yourself in the experience, so don’t be shy to cater to your own safety needs. Kink is always, first and foremost, an exploration of your unique interests. Stay in touch with your feelings and emotional needs, and you’ll gain far more from the experience. If you’re looking for dogging near me, it might be easier to connect with the leaders of your local group before you visit your first site.

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Sexual fetishes are more common than you might think. 75% of people have at least one kink, and voyeurism is one of the most common fetishes. Still, only half of people make their kinks a regular part of their lives, partly because they have no idea how to track down those who share their interests. No-strings dating sites have revolutionised the dating world, giving you an easy doorway into a new adventure. Most people prefer to explore with a partner rather than a stranger. Anonymous car lot meet-ups give you the opportunity to act out your wildest fantasies within the confines of your relationship.

Most dogging sites make it easy for anyone to plan events, but your area probably has a vibrant scene with its own regular events already. Getting in touch with established leadership will allow you to be mentored safely into the community. Those who organise the busiest events are often more than happy to spend time showing newcomers the ropes. Adventurousness is scary, but with the support of existing participants, you’ll find it far less terrifying than you expect. As with any kink, however, place consent, respect, and safety first. In New Zealand, the scene prefers remote areas outside major cities, so you’re unlikely to run into nonconsensual parties. Politeness is a Brit compulsion, and it amplifies the fun by keeping everyone relatively safe and happy. If you’ve never explored the fringe of your sexuality, your participation might just revolutionise your life.

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