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The Swingers South Africa Dating Scene: A No-Strings Wonderland

The couples dating world has come alive in recent years. 21% of couples are in a non-monogamous relationship, and no wonder, since 80% of relationships are happier within the limits of the swinging lifestyle. Polyamory doesn’t limit itself to swingers dating, though, so if you balk at the idea of casual flings, you can sculpt an open relationship that suits you uniquely. Romance is supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to knock together an arrangement that makes you and your primary partner happy, whether that means no strings couples hookup or a more serious poly relationship.

Swingers and Couples Dating

An impressive seven million South African citizens are registered with a dating site, but women are a little more passive than men. The male of the species, it turns out, is still making the first move, but those gender roles flip upside down when you join a couples dating site. The swinging lifestyle amplifies consent by giving women the sole first-move rights. Brits are famous for being prudish, but non-monogamous couples are reinventing the national approach to sexuality. Traditional relationship norms are a thing of the past, with between 1.2 and 2.4 million people practising non-monogamy. Swinging is less common than polyamory in South Africa, with only 2.5% having traded partners after turning 40. Even so, the nation has a lively swinging scene, and it’s easier to become a part of it than you might think. You can track down local events in most cities, and it’s even easier to immerse yourself in the culture through a couples hookup site.

Swinging, Polyamory, and Hookups: A Guide

Respect and consent are the core around which swinging and casual hookup sites revolve. Just because you’re on the sexual fringe, does not mean you’ll experience much success by objectifying strangers openly. Women, in particular, are exposed to a veritable plethora of thoughtless first messages. You’ll have more success if you connect as people first and sexual beings second. Swinging offers plenty of sexual freedom, but it has rules:

Don’t take photographs at events or without the permission of the people you’re photographing.
Only a “yes” is a “yes.” Don’t push through nonverbal signals.
Clothing-optional and highly sexed communities forbid touching without permission. Get consent, even for a simple hug.
Some events only give women the right to make the first move. Speak to your events coordinator about the rules.
Not all spaces are clothing-optional, and some events limit sex and nudity to certain rooms.
Many local swingers are uncomfortable with getting involved with couples in monogamish relationships. Be open about your arrangement.

Swingers dating site rules are equally consent-driven. Don’t post images of anyone but yourself without permission. Inform new partners of your relationship upfront, and be open about STIs, even if you use barrier methods of contraception. Hookup culture dominates some online dating websites, including dogging, cougars, and everything in between. Others function on an ethical foundation, vetting members before allowing them to attend meat space events. Poly doesn’t need to mean anonymous sex, so keep the lines of communication open with all involved. Your experience will be a healthier one if you stay in touch with your feelings.

What’s in it for You?

Compersion is the feeling of happiness associated with your romantic partners’ sexual relationships with others. It’s a direct antonym of jealousy, and if you have the heart for it, your partnership could be revolutionised by open relationships. Compersion can be a beautiful experience, and freedom of sexual expression lets you explore the hidden corners of your character. You will evolve with your relationships and probably let go of a significant amount of shame. As possessiveness melts away, swinging may amplify the intimacy of your primary relationship.

It’s well-nigh impossible to enter the swinging community on your own steam, though. The couple you just met at the art gallery is unlikely to share their poly preferences. They don’t advertise swingers in the papers, but fortunately, the internet ameliorates entry. Find the right swingers site, and you’ll be able to date couples that share your interests. The more you explore, the better you’ll get to know yourself and your partner. Poly and swinger relationships require you to become more vulnerable with your partner. As such, they amplify your intimacy, and you may even fall in love with your beau all over again. Along the way, you’ll make new friends and create a fresh way of life. You’ll find new ways of loving and being. You’ll learn to love yourself and respect your own desires.

Meet Local Swingers

Ethical polyamory gives all partners the right to consent. This way, you gain control over every hookup, and you can design your relationships uniquely for you. Maybe that means no-strings hookups. Maybe it means wild sexual abandon. Maybe it means bringing an extra person into your marriage, and maybe you’ll fare better with a more intimate poly arrangement. This is your life, so don’t allow cultural norms to draw you into arrangements that don’t suit you. Swinging and hookup communities give you the freedom to design your existence in new and exciting ways. For the first time in your life, you will begin thinking about what sexual happiness means for you. You’ll thus grow into your own personality and needs. Your sexuality will evolve in new ways. Stay in touch with yourself, and you’ll navigate your new dating life far more happily. In doing so, you will learn how to relate to others more healthily. You might even let go of old chains that have bound you since adolescence. This lifestyle requires you to become exceptionally good at identifying your own negative responses. That’s worth a year of therapy all on its own. It’s time to design your own life, and is your invitation to your revolution.

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