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Mature Sex: Tips for Exploring Your Sexuality in Your Fifties

Sexual Role Playing for Hipsters

How to Have a Successful One Night Stand (From A Woman’s Perspective)

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Why Generation X’ers are Better at Sexting vs. Millenials

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Mature Sex: Tips for Exploring Your Sexuality in Your Fifties

(photo credit Nico Studios) What if your partner of 30 years suddenly left you and you were forced to reevaluate your life…and sexuality? What does exploring your sexuality in your 50′s look like? These are questions that Lucie Novak answers in her poignant memoir, A Woman with (No) Strings Attached: A memoir, which...

Sexual Role Playing for Hipsters

When it comes to role playing, hey, hipsters need love, too. And why not role play in your hipster finest? Go ahead and scoff at the haters and don some American Apparel knee-highs, thick-framed glasses, and holier-than-thou attitude and try these on for size the next time you role play...

Gay for Pay: A Guide to Hooking Up Down Under

There are a number of stereotypes about Australian men, and many gay men who visit Australia probably sorely wish for some of these stereotypes to be accurate. There’s the idea that Australian men are rugged outdoor Crocodile Dundee types, pummelling dangerous wildlife into submission (hey – want to wrestle my...

Blow Job Tips and More From The Author of The Bad Girl’s Bible

Sean Jameson is an author and sex coach from Ireland, and the author of the Bad Girl’s Bible. Whether you are looking to learn some new and interesting sex positions or you want to give your man a wonderful blow-job or even if you want to learn to talk dirty to...

Gay Sex Fetishes: How Much is Too Much?

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes looking at the various gay dating sites on offer, you might be familiar with the profile photos that seem to feature guys posing with their feet, dirty socks or sports shoes featured rather prominently. A novice to the gay world might think...