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Casual Dating in New Zealand

New Zealand Sex Dating

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New Zealand
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New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Dating, relating and mating there is nothing if not an adventure! But first, check out the things you need to know about casual sex & dating in New Zealand.


Casual Sex is Common.

Casual sex in New Zealand, is fairly common. You can find casual sex in person or through online dating websites dedicated to casual encounters. It’s not uncommon that people meet up at a pub and have sex the same night. Image via Aaron Jacobs on Flickr.


The University Connection.

Casual sex is particularly amongst university students in New Zealand. The University of Otago research surveyed the sexual health of 2922 students aged 17 to 24 from universities nationwide. It found 20 per cent of respondents reported at least three partners in the last 12 months. However, only half of students reported they had used a condom and 32 per cent had been drinking when they last had sex. Given these statistics, if you’re university aged, the chances of finding other singles to have casual sex with are good, however in order to stay safe it’s best to keep your wits about you and use protection! Image via wonderlane on Flickr.


Drinking and Sex Often Coincide.

Because drinking and sex are often intertwined, dating experts recommend that in order to protect your own safety, if you’re feeling completely blotto it’s best to catch a cab home ALONE. Sex should be fun and memorable. The last thing you want is to wake up next to someone and not remember how you got there. Image via calispera on Flickr.


Use Protection.

It was reported in 2009 that New Zealand’s STI rate was 4 times higher than in Australia or the UK. Although this figure has likely changed over the years, it’s still a good reminder to always, always use protection. Men shouldn’t expect women to take charge of contraception and it’s definitely not OK to try and have casual sex without protection. If a guy is looking to have sex, he should bring condoms with him. Conversely, women should also not rely solely on the man to bring condoms and should also keep some protection on hand. Image via Pixmac-com on Flickr.


Beware of “Macho” or “Lad” culture.

Men in New Zealand are known to be rugged, outdoorsy types (even though most are well educated and work white collar jobs in cosmopolitan cities) and unfortunately being a bit “macho” has been known to come with the territory. There is a huge difference between being a manly man and being violent though, so make sure you establish boundaries from the beginning and be aware of any behaviors that you don’t like! Kiwi guys, this means you’ll want to be extra cautious of coming across as too macho or dominant. Image via Roberta WB on Flickr.


Equality Rules.

Just because there’s a strong “Lad Culture” in New Zealand, doesn’t mean women don’t want to be treated as equals. They aren’t the fragile, stay at home, bring her flowers types (although flowers never hurt anyone!) They enjoy sex just as much as men and therefore want to be treated with the same level of respect. Along the lines of equality, it’s worth noting that New Zealand women aren’t afraid to make the first move. If she wants to sleep with you, she’ll let you know! Kiwi women also don’t shy away from communication, so don’t be afraid to bring up the “tough stuff.” Image via jjay69 on Flickr.


Be clear with what you want.

In New Zealand, couples often skip the dating part all together. They might hang out in the same group of friends and then start hooking up, and voila a relationship is born. This can make casual sex confusing at times. Whether you’re looking for just sex or a potential relationship, it’s always best that you communicate your intentions clearly and look for someone who is on the same page as you to avoid hurt feelings. Image via MyDearValentine on Flickr.

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