Everyone knows the rule: honesty is the best policy. And it’s true…most of the time. Sometimes, it’s truly the best thing for the relationship to tell a white lie or two.

Here are a few situations where the honesty rule is made to be broken.

1. About much you (dis)like his friends

Some guys are lucky enough to have friends that are truly great: respectful, funny and inclusive of you, while still being able to act like dudes when they’re out with the boys. Every guy has a few buddies that drive you crazy. But this is one time when it’s better to swallow your true feelings, and just enjoy the best you can. Friends are important, and if you’re honest with yourself, you know a few of your ladies drive him nuts too, right? Discouraging friendships is always a no-no, and by complaining about his friends, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

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2. About the time and money you spend on your beauty rituals

Most guys don’t understand the joy of your $50 bottle of skin primer, or the sheer bliss of a fancy pedicure. No need to reveal that you just spent $15 on a bottle of nail polish or that the reason you couldn’t take his call was because your face mask was drying. You can keep your beauty budget and rituals to yourself — a little mystery never hurt anyone.

3. About your Facebook stalking tendencies

We all have people’s profiles (read: ex’s profiles) that we enjoy perusing. And their ex-girlfriends. And your weird ex-friend from college. It’s normal, and it’s likely he does it too. As long as you’re not sending tawdry messages or letting those habits take away from your time together, those things can stay between you and your browser.

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4. About whether you accept free drinks when you go out, as well as the harmless flirting

If you’re out with the girls, you’re bound to have a drink offered to you. Accepting it graciously, saying thank you and chatting for a few minutes is harmless, and there’s no reason to rush home and tell him every last thing that happened. Please note: there is a line between “having a free drink” and “making out in the corner of the bar after someone sends you a free drink.”

5. About whether other partners were better in the bedroom

Sexual health is something you must be honest about, no exceptions, ever. But there’s no reason to rub the fact that your ex was much better in the sack. Instead of comparing him to someone else, try giving gentle tips and guidance to get him going in the right direction, but without giving him details about past partners.

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