Sex is great in itself. Sex can be even better when you’re being a bit sneaky about it. What about sex where you can get caught easily? Let’s talk about having sex in public places.

My first tip is to wear clothes that don’t have to come off. Skirts and dresses, maybe even skip the panties if you’re feeling extra risque. Guys, just be easily accessible.

Position-wise, standing is always a good quickie option. Indoors or outdoors, you can get it done fast and if you’re about to get caught, you can easily get untangled and straighten out those clothes. No biggie!

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Get it on outside. Picture this – a beach, waves crashing, the smell of the salt water. Sex on the beach isn’t just the name of a drink, it was named after something! It’ll be sexy, just watch out for sand in awkward places.

Make out in the backseat like your teenagers again, but this time you have an agenda. It may be a tight squeeze and you’ll probably learn some new and interesting positions while fogging up those windows. There’s a chance someone might get a peek through a window and that could just make the situation even hotter.

Sneak off during a party and find a quiet corner or empty room. No one has to know what you’re doing unless you want them to. The noises around you from the other party goers and the change of getting walked in on causes a sense of urgency that will take your sexcapades to the next level.

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Go check out a movie, but just check out each other instead. There’s nothing wrong with a little groping session in the back row. You could even catch a matinee during the week – chances are the theater will be even more empty then, but keep an eye out for those ushers!

Have you ever had sex in public or somewhere you could easily get caught?

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