Although scientists have learned a lot about the human orgasm in recent years, very little is known about how (if at all) sexual orientation influences men and women’s orgasm frequency – until now.

A recent study conducted by researchers from Indiana University, Emory University and Rutgers University which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that lesbian-identified women may have more orgasms than their straight or bisexual counterparts. The study surveyed 2,850 singles that had had sex within the past 12 months – 1,315 of which identified as women and 1,497 identified as men. Participants were asked to answer questions about their sexual orientation and how often they achieved orgasms with a recurring partner.

Not surprisingly, men reported a higher occurrence of orgasm (85% of the time, vs. 63%) and sexual orientation didn’t seem to play a role in orgasm frequency. However, interestingly enough, women who identified themselves as lesbians reported a much higher frequency of orgasm than their straight or bisexual female counterparts. Lesbian participants reported that they had orgasms with their partner 75% of the time, compared to 61% of the time for the heterosexual women and 58% for bisexual women.

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Is it possible that lesbians are simply having more fun in bed than the rest of us?

Among many of the misconceptions that go along with same sex couples, a popular one is that they have better sex than straight people – the theory being that if you “have the same parts” you’re more in tune with what gets each other off. Even I’ve bought in to this theory at various points – mostly because my gay male friends like to brag and tease me about how they know what men want better than women do (they’ve given me a few really good tips over the years which leads me to believe that maybe they’re on to something.) However, like all things related to human sexuality, the truth is much more complexed and nuanced.

To get some insight, I asked a friend who exclusively dates women whether she thought lesbians were having better sex than other women.

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“That’s a myth. We have just as much terrible sex as straight people do. Yes, we may have the same “parts” but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have good sexual chemistry with someone, or that they are going to know what to do with those parts. What feels good to them, might not feel good to you. ” she told me.

Case & point.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that the study above only looked at experiences with partners that the participants considered to be “familiar” – meaning that they weren’t one night stands or random hook-ups. So, it would definitely be interesting to explore orgasm frequency in less familiar encounters – especially considering previous research has shown that context and duration of a relationship can influence whether both partners have an orgasm.

It’s also important to note that participants who identified as neither male nor female were not included in the study; nor were many sexual orientations (e.g., queer). And, while lesbian and bisexual women were represented, the vast majority of female participants (85%) identified as heterosexual. However, although the study isn’t as comprehensive as it could be, the researchers are careful to note that this is the first scientific evidence that suggests that there might be a link between orgasm frequency and sexual orientation

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In other words, the study isn’t perfect but it’s a start – one that will hopefully lead to more research and more pleasurable sexy times for everyone in the near future.