one night stand

Sometimes, you just need to have a one night stand.


one night stand

And sometimes, you need just one night stand. Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

But the process is a little different for women than it is for men. Here’s how to have a successful one night stand, from a woman’s perspective.

First, know what it is you want. Sometimes women feel guilty at the idea of having a one night stand. We’re pressured by society not to do that sort of thing, for fear of being labeled a slut. And that’s a shame, because men do it all the time and no one cares. So you have to decide for yourself if this is really what you want. If you actually are looking for a relationship, don’t lie to yourself and say you’re okay with a one night stand — that’s only going to lead to heartbreak.

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But let’s say you’re absolutely sure and absolutely ready to go forth. It’s important to be your charming self. In so many dating situations we’re told to “be yourself” and it’s cliché but it’s true. Don’t feel you have to become Samantha from Sex and the City. And don’t feel that you have to apologize for wanting this. You’re allowed to be you and you’re allowed to want a one night stand. I promise.

Make sure that both parties know what’s up. It’s awful to sleep with someone who isn’t on the same page as you are, emotionally. Don’t sleep with a dude who clearly has a thing for you and is hoping that your one night is going to turn into many nights. That isn’t fair. I’m not saying you have to sit down and have a discussion over it, but you have to somehow communicate that this is just a night of fun, and not the first night of the rest of your lives. You don’t have to blunt and clinical about it, but don’t be too coy either. Maybe drop somewhere that you’re not looking for a relationship; you’d just really like to enjoy their company. Wink wink.

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Have confidence. That’s good to have in any dating situation, and especially this one. Again, don’t feel apologetic for wanting a one night stand. Feel good about your decision. Have fun!

Be safe. Hopefully this goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. And I don’t mean “be safe” in terms of just using a condom. I mean be safe as in, if your instinct tells you not to sleep with someone and/or go home with them, don’t. Women are often encouraged to ignore our instincts. Don’t. They’re the best tool we have.

Now go forth and bone! (Safely.) Cheers!

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