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During the early days of the seventies an exciting new trend originated in the UK. This was dogging. The term dogging referred to an activity of group sex in public or semi-public places. This is an activity where two or more couples have sex or similar activity in the public place. The groups of people who are engaged in this kind of activity are known as doggers. Usually the doggers organize this kind of activities at a preplanned place and pre scheduled time. The doggers usually prefer places in different parts of cities where there is less public intervention. As such cars parked in parking lots, lanes or by lanes, deserted industrial estates of the city, etc. are the spots that are popular among the doggers.

With the raising popularity of the activity, the craze spread to different parts of the world. Among the various cities of Australia, Canberra is a city where dogging is very popular. Dogging in Canberra is a source of real voyeuristic fun. Dogging in Canberra is organized at various sites in the city with various exotic dogging sites in Canberra, where fun filled dogging activities are organized. The doggers arrange all this via NoStringsDating through which they have taken dogging Canberra to a different level of fun.

This site provides all kinds of rules and regulations to the doggers and guide them in the best manner to maintain the etiquettes of good dogging. The doggers in Canberra share a community that helps them to interact with each other, share contact and choose a perfect match for each other.