5 Great Places To Find Casual Sex in Cork

If you’re single in Cork, then count yourself extremely lucky! There are myriad amazing spots that you can hit up and meet other singles for casual fun. Steeped in history, Cork City is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s hippest cities. Known for it’s culinary flair and vibrant cultural scene – there are a myriad of places in the city to go and meet up with other singles for some casual fun. It’s often said that while Cork women are approachable, with a great sense of humour, Cork are the “man’s man” – all masculinity and boisterousness. A person who takes charge…excellent. Armed with this knowledge, here are the best places for casual sex in Cork.


The Bodega

Wine by day and sixty-nine by night at this restaurant-cum-nightclub located in St. Peter’s Market. Serving bistro and gastro-pub fare for brunch, lunch and dinner, as soon as the sun is tucked away and the moon comes out to play, so do Cork’s trendiest 20 and 30-somethings who flock to this venue to dance all night long each and every weekend. And while shaking your hips on The Bodega’s famous salsa-themed nights, you may bump into your next hook-up. (photo credit: djoybeat.com)



One of the most popular pubs in all of Cork, Reardens is guaranteed to be packed to the brim with those who have already had their fair share of traditional Irish pints. There’s bound to be good times that mix friendly faces, great beer, and live bands. While indulging in tipple, and singing along to the very best in live traditional Irish music, perhaps you’ll find yourself locking eyes with your next catch, while belting out the lyrics to Come Back Paddy Reilly.(photo credit: reardens.com)


Havana Browns

Not even remotely Cuban-themed, this is one of Cork’s most popular dance clubs, and arguably or not, a mini epicenter of vice, with three levels, each housing their own bar, a “secret garden” for smokers and snoggers, and a couple of drink tickets thrown in with your cover, just to make sure you’re lubricated enough to enter the (pick up) zone fast enough. (photo credit: havanabrowns.ie)


The Castle Inn

Ah, The Castle Inn. It’s not a castle, nor is it an inn for cozy rendezvous. In fact, most locals would advise you to enter at your own risk. Probably one of Cork’s most infamous bars, where the patrons tend to be college age. An Irish pub. Co-eds. Need I say more? For those of college age, and those who are simply nostalgic for days gone by, The Castle Inn provides a fun opportunity to re-live those carefree days of yore, when drunken hook-ups and walks of shame had a regular place in your schedule in and amongst studying and Spanish lab. (photo credit: munsterpubs.com)


An Brog

So apparently, The Castle Inn was just a warm up, to make sure your beer pong skills (or whatever the Irish equivalent is…darts?). An Brog is where anyone who’s anyone in the University College Cork scene heads to for a drunken, sloppy good time. Drunken sloppy make-out sessions included (or as the Irish kids these days say, “scoring”). With half-price pints before 10pm, why not buy a drink for that stunner at the other end of the bar? Word of advice: you may want to find out which weeknights play host to table quizzes (trivia) and avoid them, unless you prefer showing off your random useless knowledge to casual sex.(photo credit: irishjaunt.com)

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