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No Strings Cougar Dating in New Zealand

Are you a cougar or a young man hoping to date an older woman? Cougar Dating is a worldwide casual sex dating site devoted to matching older women with the younger men who love them.

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5 Tips For Cougar Dating


1. Don’t focus solely on the age difference.

There is more to a lasting cougar relationship than just constant chatter about the age difference. You’ve got to connect on more levels than just being born in different decades. If you’re looking for a cougar relationship online, it’s pretty obvious that the age difference is a turn on already, so find other ways to connect as well. This also means that if you’re an older woman, you shouldn’t fall into the roll of “Mommy” with the younger man you’re dating, as the novelty will quickly wear off.


2. Remember the thrill of the chase.

Ultimately, the thrill of the chase is what keeps a cougar relationship going. Older women have no need to chase a man-they are perfectly satisfied with the life they already have. If you’re a toyboy hoping to score a cougar shag session, you’ve got to be creative with your approach and put the work and time in to earn a sexy cougar’s attention.


3. Don’t forget the foreplay!

If you want to impress a cougar in bed, foreplay is going to quickly become your best friend. Chances are high that she’s slept with men much, much more experienced than you, but what you lack in knowledge you can make up for with an eagerness to please. Make her pleasure your main mission, and don’t give up til you get her there. Pay attention during cougar sex, and listen to the subtle clues she gives you that you’re doing something right.


4. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

One of the hottest things about dating a cougar is that they aren’t immature women who don’t know how to communicate, nor do they thrive on drama or insecurities. This means that they don’t generally tolerate lying or drama, and are able to discuss uncomfortable or tricky topics, which will ultimately draw you closer, which means your sex life will drastically continue to improve. When you feel like you can be honest and open with someone, it positively affects every aspect of your relationship, sex included! Save the drama for your Mama!


5. Let your cougar guide you.

This isn’t her first rodeo, honey. Cougars in New Zealand know exactly what they want, what they’re doing and what they need. While it’s not necessary for a toyboy to be a total wallflower with no voice, it’s always best to follow her lead. A cougar woman can take one look at a potential date and determine what sort of guy he is, and if he’s the right man for her. Players, users and immature fellows need not apply!

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