5 Best Places To Find Casual Sex In Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland boasts one of the best night life scenes in the UK, which means it’s a great place to be if you’re looking for a casual date and some good old fashioned adult fun. There is something for everyone in the city when it comes to nightlife–from pornstar themed rooms to caves to tiki bars full of singles, there is no reason for spending one more night alone in your flat, wishing you had a hot date! Check out the five best places to find casual sex in Edinburgh, and leave your favorite date spots in the comments!

The Voodoo Rooms: Quite aptly named, this a place that will cast you under it’s ultra seductive spell. 4 bars and 6 large rooms fall under The Voodoo Rooms property, so there is always a lot going on which translates to quite a few singles hanging around, waiting for someone just like you to walk in and change their life.  They offer an eclectic mix of music and entertainment which draws quite a crowd and is always a conversation starter. No matter what you’re into, there is likely someone who shares your interests here, even if you’re interests are solely something bedroom related-especially, actually. The numbers are definitely stacked in your favor!

Why Not Nightclub: Why Not? is a stylish, trendy and slightly dressy nightclub known for being an all around great time. There might be a few hen parties happening on the weekends which means only one thing-lot’s of single women dancing around, so guys this is the place for you!  Dress up, slap some cologne on and off you go! Drinks are affordable, the venue is just overall cool and the people are friendly–no stuck-up attitudes here. This is a great place to find a casual date in Edinburgh or just blow off some steam with your mates…seriously, why not? We definitely can’t think of a reason!

The Lane: The Lane is an intimate night-spot that attracts the chic late night crowd of Edinburgh. It’s sexy–one of the rooms is even decorated as a 70’s style pornstar bedroom, if you can believe it.  Talk about setting the perfect sexy mood–the Lane basically does it for you! Sexy house music is always bumping throughout the bar, and the low ceilings are perfect for snuggling up to someone attractive. This place screams intimacy, seduction and fun-and chances are you’ll be able to keep your own party going well into the evening after leaving if you play your cards right.

Cabaret Voltaire: This is a subterranean rock venue in a cave like setting. Yep, you read that correctly! Have you ever wanted to make-out in a cave? This is your chance. From heir website: “It is ideal for finding nooks and crannies to plonk yourself down, squeeze up, budge up, move along, let me in, you are sitting on my jacket, your elbow is in my ribs, it’s your turn to go to the bar…” We couldn’t have said it better.

Lola Lo: This is one of Edinburgh’s best late night spots, mostly due to the fact that it stays open til 3am! Lonely, bored and can’t sleep…this very well could be the spot for you if it feels like your lucky night! Grab a tiki drink from the bar for liquid courage, and introduce yourself to one of the sexy twenty-somethings who frequent this spot nightly. Bonus points if you bring over an umbrella drink for them, as well, I mean it’s only fair. Cheers!

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