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Casual Sex Dating in Northern Ireland

At No Strings Dating the power is in your hands, you can find loads of hot and sexy singles who are looking for a bit fun just like you! No Strings Dating is THE place to be if you’re looking for no strings attached sex, adult dating and some naughty casual fun! Browse through tonnes of some of the hottest members within 30 miles of Northern Ireland, whether you live in Newry, Coleraine, or anywhere in between, meet smokin’ singles in Northern Ireland or throughout the UK or anywhere in between. It’s up to you! Before you join in on the casual dating experience be sure to check out some tips.

1. Keep your emotions at bay.

British men are notorious for being attracted to independent, confident women who have their own lives. Even though you may be getting intimate with a guy, don’t allow yourself to become too attached. Keep up with your friends, career and alone time and make sure he knows that you’re a hot commodity, not someone to take for granted. If a guy notices that you lead a very fulfilling life, he’ll make more of an effort to be a part of it! Image via Dave Kellam on Flickr.


2. Mind your manners.

Both men and women in Britain are very conscious of manners, even when casual dating. It’s important to do your best to treat your date like more than just a sexy, warm body. Simple things like saying please and thank you will go a long way to making your date feel appreciated, and it only makes sense that they’ll want to reciprocate the good feelings…in bed! Image via C.ha on Flickr.


3. Sexy banter is always a turn-on.

There is nothing sexier than the ability to engage in quick-witter, sarcastic banter with a casual date. Laughing together is an important form of foreplay, and one that singles in Britain really appreciate. Pair a great, dry sense of humor with some hot lingerie or wine…and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a great night.

Image via Amiraz on Flickr 9237723894_d29d28c9dd

4. Date more than one person at a time!

Juggling multiple dates might be frowned upon when it comes to “traditional dating”, but in the casual dating world, it’s encouraged! It’s important to prevent getting attached to one person as things can get confusing when emotions and feelings get involved…the best way to do this? Distractions! It’s hard to worry about why some guy hasn’t called you back when you’re underneath another one, who’s even hotter. There is no commitment in casual dating, so keep your options wide open.

Image via MyDearValentin on Flickr. 9243321039_8ff6447beb

5. Don’t hang out at home.

While the main attraction when it comes to casual dating is obviously horizontal naked time, it’s still important to enjoy each others company in public. Grab a bite to eat before your adult sleepover, or hit up Starbucks together on a lazy Sunday morning. Yep, it’s “Casual”, but it’s still DATING, so don’t forget that for the sex to be amazing, you have to genuinely enjoy spending time with the person you’re sleeping with. You don’t need to be in love-just a teeny little bit of like will do. Image via MyDearValentin on Flickr.