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The United Kingdom is home to loads of curious men and women who are into all kinds of kinky bedroom stuff. The world of swinging and swingers dating is no longer taboo in many places, in fact it is celebrated! The sexiest and most adventurous swingers turn to No Strings Dating for the hottest casual hook ups and one night affairs.

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Whatever your taste and kink, you can find it with No Strings Dating!

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Swingers dating in the UK is a blast with No Strings Dating! It’s the most fun you can have online.

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Swingers and Swinging

Q: Can a single guy go to a swingers club?

Yes, a single guy can go to a swingers club. It is normal for couples to go to swinging clubs together as it can often be overwhelming for a single person to go to a club alone. However single men can go and join in if they want to.

Q: What’s it like to go to a swinger’s club for the first time?

It can be quite daunting going to a swingers club for the first time. You may want to do some research beforehand and make sure that you are totally comfortable with the etiquettes and practices that the club has. The best thing to do is simply be yourself

Q: What is the difference between polyamory and swinging?

Polyamory is based on a romantic connection between a couple and forming a relationship. Swinging is generally considered to be based on sex alone. Swinging is about fulfilling a sexual need with a new partner, your current partner and others too.

Q: Why do swingers swing?

Swingers swing for many different reasons; some swingers enjoy the thought of sharing their other half with someone new; some swingers want to spice up their sex life in a safe and consensual way. Other swingers simply want to find likeminded people for casual sex.

Q: Is polyamory just a new kind of swinger lifestyle?

No, polyamory is not just a new kind of swinger lifestyle. Generally, swingers will have casual sex at swinger-formed events and any swinging couple will have agreed to this beforehand. Polyamory is about courting, dating and relationships with more than one person. The relationship within polyamory is the key importance.