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The Best Casual Dates In Los Angeles

Just because you’re going on a casual date doesn’t mean you have to rush straight to the action, or bore your date to death at yet another restaurant or bar. The best way to seduce your date and bond before you’re naked is to experience something fun and outside of the box together. Here are the best casual dates in Los Angeles. What you decide to do after? Well, we will leave that up to you.


Walk on the Beach

This is L.A we’re talking about here, you don’t need more to seduce someone than a bottle of wine and a private beach. Sex on the beach is more than just a cocktail around these parts! The most romantic and secluded beach in Los Angeles is El Matador Beach, located about ten miles northwest of Malibu. Crashing waves, rocky coastline and some of the bluest and clearest water on the west coast away you! Once you hike down to the shore, get cozy in one of the hidden coves scattered along the coast, where nobody can see you.


Take a Tantric Class Together

Anything goes in L.A, so why would you settle for ho-hum sex when you could have an entire sexual experience? Book a private session with a Tantra expert in the comfort of your own home and allow yourself to be transported to another level of satisfaction by following these ancient sex teachings. Image via Synergy by Jasmine on Flickr.


The Best Dive Bar In Los Angeles

Understandably, you might need some liquid courage to get things going. Bars and coffee shops are common choices for a first casual date, but we figure you can find the nearest Starbucks on your own. If you do decide to go the bar route, make sure it’s a cool bar! A dive bar like Frank n’ Hank in Koreatown is the perfect place to relax, break the ice and let your hair down so to speak, before going somewhere a bit quieter for some adult fun. Image via lunagial on Flickr.


Hit Up Equinox

We know that there is primarily only one type of workout you’re in the mood for and we’ll get to that! Working out together as a couple can actually make it that much hotter when you have sex after! You’ll be pumped full of feel good endorphins, you’ll feel sexy and toned and you’ll also be super comfortable with each other. Meet up at Equinox (our favorite gym in LA) and lift some weights or race each other around the track. Being playful and flirty with your clothes on will build up the intensity for when your clothes are off! Plus ladies, it’s a great excuse to stare at his muscles and guys, workout clothes are usually very tight, and very sexy! Image via Cmarugg on Flickr

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